5 Reasons Gel Ball Should Be Your Next Family Activity

Finding activities that everyone in the family can enjoy together isn’t always easy. You need to cater to different ages and interests, while still ensuring everyone has fun.

Luckily, gel ball is here to save the day! If you’re unfamiliar with this latest craze, gel balling is a game similar to paintball in many ways.

But, instead of using hard paint pellets, players use small, water-absorbing gel balls that burst on impact, leaving no mess.

gel ball players

Played by kids and adults alike, it combines teamwork, strategy, and exercise, for an action-packed activity that’s exploding in popularity.

And, for a variety of reasons, it’s a great option for families looking for an activity they can enjoy together!

If you want to learn more, read on to get the details on gel balling, and see why introducing your family to gel ball is a great idea!

What Is Gel Ball?

Gel ball is an outdoor sport played by a group split into two teams competing against one another.

Players are equipped with blasters that shoot small gel balls that burst upon impact, much like paintballs.

The rules and gameplay of a gel ball game vary, depending on the age of the players and the type of game being played.

Like paintball or airsoft games, it’s generally played in a designated field or arena, where players can hide behind obstacles to avoid being hit by the gel balls.

The objective of the game is to eliminate the other team’s players by scoring hits with the gel ball blasters.

kids playing gel ball game

What Makes Gel Balling a Perfect Family Activity?

Good for a Wide Range of Ages

Competing to defeat an opposing team is an activity kids and adults both tend to enjoy. That’s why paintball and airsoft games are so popular.

But, those options often have higher age restrictions set by the clubs and shooting ranges that might prevent families from playing together.

In most cases, you must be 12 or 13 years of age to compete on a paintball or airsoft team.

Gel ball restrictions, on the other hand, tend to be much lower. Children as young as 5 can join in the fun and compete to emerge as the victor.

This broader age range for participation makes it easier for families to take part in an activity that younger children, teens, and adults will all find enjoyable.

A Safe But Exciting Option

Gel balls are a safer alternative to other blaster options, since the lightweight balls are mostly made of water.

While they might still cause a slight stinging on bare skin, similar to the snap of a rubber band, they won’t cause the welts and bruising that paintballs and BBs sometimes do.

As long as you practice proper gel ball safety tips when playing, your family can enjoy a pain-free experience that won’t lead to young or nervous players wanting to quit.

But, while playing with gel ball blasters is a safer alternative to other blaster options, it’s still exciting!

Unlike the laser guns used in laser tag, for example, there’s still a noticeable impact that makes gel ball games more realistic for kids of all ages.

To ensure that everyone has fun, make sure to always wear proper eye protection or, if prefered, a full face mask.

Long sleeves and pants will help protect your skin from the potential stinging of being hit by a gel ball.

Finally, make sure to teach your children how to properly load, handle, and shoot gel ball blasters to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved!

Improves Family Bonding

Playing gel ball requires coordination and cooperation between team members.

As you work together to eliminate the opposing team, communication is key. You’ll need to decide as a team what roles each member will play, and how you’ll take down the opposition.

Learning to communicate and strategize with one another in a fun setting can help improve your overall communication as a family.

And there’s no better bonding experience than celebrating a victory together as a team, or comforting one another after a tough loss!


Compared to similar activities, gel ball is a much more affordable family sport.

The cost of a gel ball blaster is generally less than half of the cost of a paintball blaster, for example. And gel ball ammunition is a fraction of the price of paintballs, as well.

The only essential safety gear is a good pair of safety goggles, which can cost less than ten dollars.

And while you can certainly spend money on competitive games or fancy outdoor courses, you can also have plenty of fun practicing your aim or playing mini games for free in the back yard!

Gets Kids Outdoors

Getting kids off their screens and out of the house isn’t always easy. But spending time outdoors is crucial to their health and mental well-being.

That’s why finding fun outdoor activities for your kids is so important.

Gel ball is a great choice for outdoor fun, especially for kids and teens that spend a lot of time gaming. The entire gel ball game is like being inside a video game in real life.

And unlike some outdoor activities that require higher levels of fitness, gel ball games can be played in a variety of different ways to suit desired activity levels.

From hiding and sneaking to sprinting and jumping, your kids can play in the great outdoors in the way they like best.

gel ball competition

Spending time together as a family isn’t just fun, it’s beneficial to the parent/child relationship.

And finding an activity like gel ball that’s fun for the whole family is a great way to build that relationship with one another.

So, why not grab your gel ball blaster and safety equipment, and head outdoors for an exciting battle that lets you work together with your kids, get some exercise, and hopefully emerge as the gel ball champion!

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