Everything You Need to Know About Axolotl Stuffed Animal Toys

With its bright eyes, smiling mouth, and feathery gills, the adorable axolotl has shot up in popularity in recent years.

Some are content to simply admire the adorable salamander by looking at photos and videos of it in its natural habitat.

axolotyl plush

Others have dived into the concept of raising axolotls as pets by setting up a tailored aquarium habitat for the animals.

But, perhaps the most popular (and stress-free) way to enjoy the adorable features of the axolotl is with an axolotl plush stuffed animal.

What Is an Axolotl

So, what exactly is an axolotl? The endangered amphibian isn’t just one of the cutest salamanders in the animal kingdom, it’s quite unique, as well!

Named after an Aztec god that was said to turn into a salamander, the axolotl differs from similar species in that it spends its entire life in the water instead of eventually moving to land.

Axolotls are also able to regrow body parts as needed, including their hearts and brains. Even more amazing, they can also accept organs and limbs that are transplanted from other axolotls.

The amphibians are found in the wild in only one place in the world: Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco. And due to pollution, invasive fish species, and other issues, they are on the verge of becoming extinct.

To help ensure that the axolotl doesn’t become part of history, consider supporting companies that donate a portion of their proceeds to protect and support wild axolotls and their habitat.

Rise in Axolotl Popularity

There’s no question that the axolotl has captivated the hearts and imaginations of human beings for centuries. Their appearance in ancient Aztec stories and legends showcases that.

But, in recent years, the amphibian has become even more well-known, and a pop-culture icon to many.

One of the earliest appearances of an axolotl in pop culture was in the nineties, when the Pokémon franchise debuted the axolotl-based Wooper.

In 2010, the loveable Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon won the hearts of children of all ages, with many noticing his resemblance to the smiling salamander.

And, perhaps most influentially, in 2021 Minecraft added axolotls to their world-building game, giving players the ability to breed the animals and use them for assistance in water fights.

With so many movies, shows, and games embracing the axolotl, it only makes sense that the popularity of axolotl stuffed animals has also never been higher.

Types of Axolotl Stuffed Animals

One of the best things about buying an axolotl plush is that you’re sure to be able to find one that suits you.

Large or small, realistic or fantastical, there are endless options available when you decide to add an axolotl stuffed animal to your household.

The most popular axolotl plush stuffed animal is often one with exaggerated features and bright, appealing colors, an especially attractive option for children.

But, more realistic brown and green-toned plush toys are also heavily favored, with many adults preferring a plush toy that’s as natural-looking as possible.

And, of course, the pixilated Minecraft version of the salamander is always a top choice as well!

Regardless of the option you prefer, there are certain features every axolotl stuffed animal should have, including the trademark wide eyes, curved mouth, and exterior gills.

Choosing a Quality Axolotl Stuffed Animal

One of the downsides of the axolotl’s rise to fame is that there has also been an increase in companies offering low-quality axolotl products.

That’s why it’s important to put a bit of extra time into ensuring you’re purchasing a high-quality plush toy.

Any axolotl stuffed animal you choose should have quality stitching, with arms and legs securely attached to the body.

The padding should also be securely packed into the animal, giving it a full and realistic shape that can stand up to a child’s potential wear and tear.

Look for toys made with soft, durable, and non-toxic fabric. Cotton and polyester are some of the most popular materials for plush toys.

If you’re shopping for a younger child, you’ll also want to keep safety in mind. Instead of toys with plastic eyes or other small pieces, opt for stitched details and durable filling.

And remember, the higher the quality of your axolotl stuffed animal, the more years of enjoyment you’ll get out of it!


If you’ve considered adding a soft and adorable plush axolotl to your home, you’re not alone!

And with so many different colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that captivates your heart.

Just remember, if you’re a fan of the fun amphibians, consider also looking into ways to help support these endangered creatures, to ensure they’re around to delight us all for generations to come.

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