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I have a strong aversion to chemicals in all of their forms, so I am constantly looking for ways to replace the chemical products in my household with natural or less harmful alternatives. Whether it’s using vinegar to clean my windows or old coffee grounds to scrub my sinks, I am always willing to try a new method of cleaning if it means that I can eliminate a chemical.

complete laundry systemMystic Wonders Inc. offers one of the trendiest cleaning products I have ever come across. The company sells the Complete Laundry System, which contains one Wonder Laundry Ball and two Wonder Dryer Balls and promises to easily and efficiently clean and soften clothing without the use of any detergent or softeners. It sounded almost too good to be true, so I was intrigued and excited when I was given a chance to test Mystic Wonders Inc.’s claims for myself.

The Wonder Laundry Ball is a safe PVC/vinyl housing that has been filled with a frequency enhanced mineral blend. The motion of the washing machine agitates the mineral blend, and as the minerals strike each other they create an energy field that dissipates the surface tension of the water. In layman’s terms, the energy generated by the ball makes the water thinner. The water is then better able to penetrate the fibers of the clothing to clean it so that laundry no longer needs detergent.

The instructions that came with the Wonder Laundry Ball recommended spot treating stains with diluted shampoo or dish soap and then washing as normal. I’m definitely not incredibly thorough about treating stains, but even with my inconsistent stain treatment clothing seemed to come out just as clean as it did using detergent. What really impressed me, however, was how effective the ball was at removing odors.

wonder laundry ballI confess that when I first threw a load of clothing into my washing machine with nothing but a yellow vinyl ball to clean them, I was fairly skeptical about what kind of results I would get. But when I pulled the clothing out of the washing machine, it was clean, fresh and completely odorless. Considering how many different types of dirt my family’s clothing is subjected to, I was blown away by how well the Wonder Laundry Ball removed odors of sweat, chemicals, grease, food and baby messes.

My town has a couple of issues when it comes to its water that have always made it difficult to properly clean clothing. The water is unbelievable hard and it seems to smell of mildew very quickly if clothing is not dried almost immediately. I was amazed to notice that when I used the Wonder Laundry Ball, clothing not only came out as clean as if I had used detergent, but also no longer smelled of mildew if I forgot to put it in the dryer right away. I am now wondering if the mildew was actually caused by my detergent all along.

My husband is incredibly sensitive when it comes to the smell of mildew, and has often insisted that clothing I found completely inoffensive be rewashed repeatedly to remove the odor. I would never have believed it, but since I started using the Wonder Laundry Ball, he hasn’t asked me to rewash a single load of clothing.

The instructions included a cautionary note about not overfilling the washing machine, so I did make sure that I put in about a third fewer clothes per load than I had in the past. The extra water is a small price to pay, however, when I consider that I no longer need to use detergent, bleaches or repeated washings to remove mildew. The website also states that once you get all the old layers of detergent and fabric softener out of your clothing, you can fill the machine like you have in the past. I plan to test this in the future by gradually increasing the size of my laundry load. Best of all, the Wonder Laundry Ball remains effective for three or more years of use!

wonder dryer ballsThe Wonder Dryer Balls are a simple set of two PVC/vinyl balls with small nubs on their surface. When placed in the dryer, they redistribute the heat and keep clothing separated to speed drying time and naturally soften clothing. I found that while the balls didn’t quite cut my drying time in half as some users reported, they did decrease the time significantly. A regular load of clothing that previously took 65 minutes to dry now takes only 40 minutes with the Wonder Dryer Balls. A heavy load of towels that used to take me just under two hours to finish has been cut back to just over an hour. The balls are designed to last a lifetime and, considering today’s energy prices, I couldn’t be happier to have them!

All in all, the Complete Laundry System far exceeded my expectations. Being able to wash my family’s clothes without detergent is wonderful, and the long life of the ball makes it fabulously economical as well. When you combine the fantastic cleaning power of the Wonder Laundry Ball with the unbelievable energy savings from the Wonder Dryer Balls, you have a winning combination guaranteed to save you money in a great new eco-friendly way!

Buy It: To purchase in the United States, visit Mystic Wonders Inc. online. To purchase in Canada, email Vily Mirtovic at [email protected]

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