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Before I became a mother, I would never have believed that adding a child to our family would mean adding so many new items to our house. Clothing, diaper bags, sippy cups, toys, teething rings…I was the oldest of five children, but I certainly don’t remember our house being so full of child-related paraphernalia when I was young. However, now that I am responsible for keeping track of the many necessary accessories of childhood, I fully realize just how much there is and just how easy it can be to misplace something in the course of a day.

Olivers Labels original labelThankfully, Oliver’s Labels wants to make life a little bit easier for parents and children everywhere. This innovative company offers a variety of durable name labels and tags designed to make it easier to keep track of everything from toys to toothbrushes. I received a fantastic sample package from Oliver’s Labels in the transportation theme. This adorable set features five different vehicles on colorful backgrounds. My sample package included the Original Labels, Mini Labels, Shoe Labels and Stick-eez Clothing Labels.

Oliver’s Labels are designed to be safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge or even outdoors. I was eager to see just how durable the labels were. The first item I labeled was Zackary’s beloved tricycle. The two of us chose an Original Label and carefully positioned it at the very front. He loved the racecar on the label and was incredibly proud of showing the label to his friends at playschool and informing them, “That says ‘Zackary!’”

Since his tricycle is stored outside as soon as the snow melts, I was especially interested to see how well the label would withstand the elements. Through the following month of melting, freezing, raining, snowing and sunshine the label remained firmly affixed in its place. Additionally, the colors on the label remained as bright and vibrant as the day I put it on the tricycle. Oliver’s Labels states that they use a special process to guarantee the image will not rub off. After seeing how well these labels weathered the outdoors, I can certainly vouch for that!

Olivers Labels mini labelsMini Labels are designed to fit perfectly on long, thin items such as pencils and toothbrushes. I put one on Zackary’s toothbrush to further test the label’s resistance to water. Every mother knows that brushing teeth is not a dry experience for any child. While I may not quite understand why Zackary comes out of the bathroom with one sleeve soaked to his elbow, I’m certainly not surprised when it happens. Yet throughout the twice-daily tooth brushing process, the label remained perfectly in place and looking like new.

Stick-eez Clothing Labels are a perfect solution for busy parents that don’t want to take the time to iron labels onto clothing. These handy and durable labels stick conveniently onto the care tag of any garment. I knew that Zackary’s beloved Harley Davidson jacket had to have one of these labels. I chose the label that featured a motorcycle and stuck it onto the tag.

Zackary is incredibly rough with his clothing. Outerwear is often carelessly tossed aside to be stepped on and tripped over. Pants, shirts and jackets all reflect the many jumps, falls, rolls and races that fill my son’s day. I was happy to see that the Stick-eez Clothing Labels remained firmly in place on Zackary’s clothing even after repeated dirtying, washing and drying. And since many of Zackary’s clothes will one day be handed down to his baby brother, I was thrilled to see that Stick-eez Clothing Labels are removable once a child has outgrown the clothing.

The Shoe Labels were the final item that I was given to test. Unlike other shoe labels, these adorable left and right foot shaped labels are made so durably that no protective label is needed on top. I put them on the rubber clog “indoor shoes” Zackary uses at playschool. So far, they look great and have stayed in place. As a bonus, they make grabbing Zackary’s shoes from the large shoe pile so much easier!

Olivers Labels shoe labelsOne of the most unique things about Oliver’s Labels is their innovative Found-it service. Original Labels, Shoe Labels, Clothing Labels and Bag Tags are all available with the optional free Found-it tracking system code. If an item with a Found-it tag is lost, the finder is encouraged to visit the Oliver’s Labels website. There, they can enter the nine-digit code on the label. Oliver’s Labels matches the code to the appropriate email address and sends a notification email to the label’s owner.

I absolutely love the concept of the Found-it system! Instead of having a visible address and phone number on my son’s items, I can rest easy knowing that his privacy is protected while still increasing the chance of having a lost item returned. In my small town this isn’t a huge concern, but we generally travel to “the city” at least once a week and sometimes more. I don’t have to be a statistician to know that it’s only a matter of time before something gets left in a store or restaurant. When that day comes, I will be so happy to have Found-it on the labels!

Oliver’s Labels come in a huge variety of designs and colors guaranteed to let anyone, child or adult, find a label they love. With themes ranging from sports to fantasy to camouflage, there are patterns and pictures that are perfect for everyone. Oliver’s Labels even has a range of food allergy labels to help ensure that teachers and caregivers are aware of a child’s special needs.

In my opinion, life with children is busy enough without additional worries about lost items. Oliver’s Labels are a great-looking and long-lasting way to both help children keep track of their items and increase the chances that misplaced objects make it back home. With their easy peel-and-stick application and durable construction, these labels are fun for kids and the perfect choice for parents!

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