Love That White Smile Tooth Whitening System Review

I have disliked my teeth for most of my adult life. They seem to be especially prone to cavities, they are worn in the front so that they appear somewhat crooked, and they definitely were never as white as I would have liked.

The cavities may not be something I can really do much about, and the crookedness is slight enough that I don’t mind it too much. But my stained teeth really, really irritated me. When various whitening methods began to emerge, I was incredibly excited and decided that I was going to use one as soon as I got the chance.

Shortly after I made the decision, I learned that I was pregnant with my oldest son and unfortunately, none of the popular tooth whitening treatments could be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

I continued to wait for my chance as I gave birth and nursed for over two years, only to get pregnant again almost as soon as I weaned Zackary. So much time went by that I almost forgot my desire to whiten my teeth. After all, I was now breastfeeding my youngest son.

Love That White Smile systemThen I was given a chance to review a completely revolutionary new collection of tooth whitening products. Love That White Smile is a simple and gentle whitening system that begins to show results in a mere three days. I hesitated at first, but when I read the warnings and product information, I was thrilled to see that there was no caution against using the products when pregnant or breastfeeding!

Love That White Smile consists of a four-piece product line that ensures a whiter, brighter smile with products so gentle that they are even appropriate for sensitive teeth. I received the cleaning and whitening foams, the maintenance foam, the on-the-go teeth cleaning pen and the tooth and lip gloss for review. The cores of the system are the cleaning and whitening foams, two separate products that are used at the same time for effective and gentle whitening.

One of the best features of the system is how incredibly easy it is to use. That night after I had brushed my teeth, I just squeezed one full pump of the cleaning foam and one pump of the whitening foam onto my toothbrush and brushed for one minute. Then I spit out the extra foam and made sure not to rinse my mouth.

The cleaning and whitening foams contain enough product for a 30 day period, the time needed for maximum whitening, but I noticed on the bottle that using the system for more than fourteen days was not recommended without a dentist’s approval, so since I am still breastfeeding I decided to play it safe and just use the two products for two weeks.

At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference in the color of my teeth, but after about a week I really found my whiter teeth were noticeable. I loved my brighter smile, and after the final week I loved it even more! I have occasional issues with sensitivity, but I never had a problem with pain while I was using the cleaning and whitening foams. I just continued to brush with my regular sensitivity toothpaste before using the foam. I loved the minty-fresh flavor of the foam as well!

When I had finished the two-week period, I was thrilled with my whiter smile, and I was also thrilled that the Love That White Smile system contains a product to make sure that it stayed that way. The maintenance foam is designed to be used after the whitening process to keep my smile bright.

Using it is exactly the same as using the cleaning and whitening foams, except that I only need the one product instead of two. I loved the idea of a product that would help ensure my teeth stayed white through my consumption of coffee, fresh berries and any other products that might cause stains on my teeth. The maintenance foam had the same great mint taste as the other two products, and I loved how fresh and clean my mouth felt after using it.

The other two products in the system are the on-the-go teeth cleaning pen and the tooth and lip gloss combo pack. I loved using the cleaning pen after I ate or drank away from home.

It was the perfect way to both freshen my breath and ensure that my teeth were as clean as possible even when there was no way of brushing my teeth. The pen removes coffee, wine and smoking stains, is the perfect size to pop into a purse or pocket and is so easy to use. I just twisted the base to dispense the gel and then applied it to my teeth in a circular motion to create a cleansing foam.

Love That White Smile teeth cleaning penThe final items in the product line are the tooth and lip gloss. Both products boast the system’s trademark fresh mint flavor and are designed to highlight my smile.

The lip gloss had great shine and a nice tingle from the mint, but it was the innovative tooth gloss that really impressed me. I was skeptical about making my smile look more dazzling by glossing my teeth, but it really does work! I loved how bright my smile was after I had used the tooth gloss.

There are so many things that set the Love That White Smile system apart from other tooth-whitening products. It’s so much more effective than a whitening toothpaste. It’s amazingly gentle. It can be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.

But best of all, it’s so very easy! There are no uncomfortable strips or awkward trays, and I was able to get a great whiter smile with just an extra 60 seconds of brushing twice a day. Even the most unsystematic person will have no problem with this system!

I absolutely loved the Love That White Smile system and I will definitely be using it again. The maintenance foam is designed to last three months, at which point using the cleaning and whitening foams again is recommended.

I plan on following the plan to the letter, because I adore my whiter smile. Friends of mine that have used different tooth-whitening systems have complained to me about how incredibly sensitive their teeth became as a result of the process, and the fact that Love That White Smile gives me such great results without irritating my sensitive teeth makes the system even more appealing!

If you’re sick of stained teeth and can’t stand the hassle and harshness of traditional whitening methods, you will definitely want to check out Love That White Smile for yourself. This easy, gentle and effective product line is the last tooth whitening system you’ll ever need!

Buy It: To learn more about Love That White Smile and where it is available, visit the online site now

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