Eva & Ella Counter Spray by Upper Canada Soap-Review

Regular readers will know that I am incredibly fond of eco-friendly cleaning products. I am always on the lookout for the newest innovative cleaners on the market, and I love testing the effectiveness of the various formulations to see how well they compare to traditional harsh cleaners. So when Upper Canada Soap, a company that has been providing Canadians with the most sensational line of eco-friendly soaps, lotions and body care products for over 40 years, introduced Eva & Ella, a new line of natural and earth-conscious cleaning products, I was thrilled to be given a chance to test them out for myself.

Upper Canada Soap counter sprayI received the Eva & Ella Honey Tea Counter Spray for review. The spray comes in a gorgeously sleek clear plastic bottle with a decorative scalloped appearance that adds an elegant look to any area. I knew at once that I couldn’t bear to hide the bottle in my cleaning cupboard, so I placed it beside my sink instead. In addition to the ornamental touch it added to my décor, the bottle was also always in easy reach when I needed to clean.

I did some baking the day after receiving the spray, and as I looked at the spills of flour and the spatters of batter on my counter I knew that the timing was perfect to test out my new counter spray. Flour wipes away fairly easily, but cake and cookie batter is one of the most stubborn things to clean off a surface thanks to the sugar and eggs that are usually present in the mixture. I sprayed the Eva & Ella Counter Spray over the mess and wiped it with a sponge.

The honey tea scent of the counter spray was absolutely delicious! Upper Canada Soap is famous for the amazing aromas of the bath and body line, and the company has definitely ensured that the cleaning products abide by the same standards. The scent is a sweetly mild floral that was so bright and left just the perfect hint of fragrance in the room. The flour wiped away easily, and most of the batter lifted as well. I gave the more dried-on spots another spray and let it soak in for about a minute. Another wipe of the sponge and my counters were spotless.

The spray contains tea tree and grapeseed extracts for their antibacterial and odor eliminating properties. The safe and non-solvent cleaning agent in the spray was incredibly effective and did such a wonderful job of powering through my numerous cooking messes. The disadvantage of being an avid cook is that there is never a shortage of spills in my kitchen, but the Eva & Ella Honey Tea Counter Spray handled them all with a minimum of scrubbing.

Upper Canada Soap hand soapThe Eva & Ella collection also includes dish soap, hand lotion and hand wash with products available in four delicious scents. All of the products feature the eco-friendly benefits that Upper Canada Soap prides itself on and the classy custom design that make the Eva & Ella bottles as attractive as the products inside.

I loved both the scent and the effectiveness of the Eva & Ella Counter Spray, and after seeing how well it worked I can’t wait to try out the other products in this amazing new line from Upper Canada Soap. For quality eco-friendly cleaning products with a gorgeous scent and an incredibly sophisticated look, check out the new Eva & Ella products from Upper Canada Soap for yourself. You’ll love how classy eco-friendly cleaning can be!

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