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Pajamas are a Christmas tradition in our household. Pretty much every single member of our family gets a new pair of pajamas either on or slightly before Christmas, and they are a gift that we all enjoy. There’s just nothing better than sitting down to open up gifts in a cozy pair of brand new pajamas!

Hatley Falling To Sleep pajamasFor some of the most heartwarming and whimsical pajamas available, Hatley is a great choice. This sensational online store offers stylish and functional pajamas and day wear for the entire family at great prices. I was thrilled when I was given a chance to review one of their outfits for myself.

My oldest son was the one most in need of new pajamas this year, so I decided to choose the Falling To Sleep Kids Pajama Set in a 4T to review.

These pajamas feature cream-colored bottoms printed with multi-colored autumn leaves paired with a deep red top with an appliquéd leaf and the “Falling To Sleep” lettering. I loved the phrase and the rich colors of these pajamas.

When the pajamas arrived, I pulled them out immediately. They were so soft and were made of a nice lightweight cotton.

Zackary tends to get hot fairly easily when he is trying to get to sleep, so I was happy I had chosen to go with the lighter cotton pajamas as opposed to one of Hatley’s equally stylish thermal choices.

I found the pajamas ran a bit small. 4T clothing tends to be a bit big on Zackary right now. The shirts fit well, but the pants are almost always too long.

The Hatley boy’s pajamas just fit with no extra length at all. The pajamas are also made to be quite close fitting because loose clothing can be dangerous for children in the event of a fire. The close fit isn’t cumbersome at all, however, thanks to Hatley’s soft and stretchy material!

Zackary loved his new pajamas and he looked absolutely adorable in them. The colors looked so good on him and the close fit gave him such an irresistible string-bean look that I just wanted to pick him up and cuddle him!

Hatley Santa Infant pajamasI have washed and dried the pajamas repeatedly since receiving them, and they still look great and fit well. Zackary loves how comfortable they are and grabs them to put on almost as soon as they come out of the laundry basket.

Hatley also carries a fanciful collection of pajamas for the entire family as well as t-shirts, baby clothing, children’s play sets and outerwear.

All of the Hatley products are made with attention to detail, classic style and the highest level of comfort.

I love Zackary’s new Falling To Sleep pajamas and when I learned that Hatley has Family Pajamas with coordinating pieces for every age range I knew I would be shopping there again. How fun would it be to have a coordinated set of pajamas for every member of our family?

Hatley’s clothing would make a wonderful gift for any baby or child this holiday season, and the comfy pajamas are a sure-to-please gift for adults as well. For style and comfort in sleepwear and daywear, check out Hatley today!

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