Zibits Mini R/C Robot Review

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It seems like boys all have an inherent love of remote controlled toys. The magic of being able to press a button on a controller and see a reaction from a toy is something that delights every child.

I am always happy to discover new remote controlled toys, and when I learned about the newest toy line from Senario, adorable miniature r/c robots called Zibits, I knew I had to find out more.

Zibits in packageZibits are collectible two-inch remote controlled robots that cost less than ten dollars and provide hours of fun. I was very excited when I was given a chance to review one of these whimsical characters for myself.

We received Clunk, a Zibit from the JunkBit line to review. I loved that each Zibit had its own unique personality traits, which were included on the package.

Clunk, for example, spends his time sorting garbage to be recycled, but his dreams of riches often lead him and his kind-hearted brother Gunk into crazy schemes that never seem to pay off. Even so, Clunk never loses heart and keeps on dreaming.

The Zibit robot runs on three included 1.5V batteries and the controller is powered by two AAA batteries that are not included.

My husband hunted up a pair of batteries, unscrewed the back of the controller and put the batteries into place. When the controller was ready, I turned the robot’s switch to the “on” position and set it on the table.

The controller is a single button that can either be pushed up or pulled down to control the robot. Pushing the button up propelled the Zibit forward while pulling the button down spun the robot around quickly.

I loved that the controller emitted creaking and clanking sounds as it was used to increase the realism of the toy, and I also liked the fact that Clunk’s eyes lit up when he was moving.

Playing with this little robot was so much fun! Zackary, Curtis and I all took a turn directing Clunk around the table. Eventually, we moved to the floor so that I could see what kind of range the controller had.

For such a small toy, the robot’s range was quite impressive. As long as I had a direct view, I was able to successfully steer the Zibit from more than nine feet away!

Zibits are the perfect fun and engaging gift or stocking stuffer for any child this year, and with over twelve Zibits to choose from in three different styles, kids are sure to have no trouble finding a favorite.

For a Christmas gift that packs lots of fun into a little package, check out Zibits for yourself. These affordable, entertaining and easy-to-direct robots are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning!

Buy It: Zibits can be found at Target and Toys “R” Us stores as well as online at eToys.comMKK Holiday Gift Guide Button

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