Head Chefs Children’s Cooking Utensils Review

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I love spending time in the kitchen with my sons. It’s so much fun for me to see my oldest boy stirring a bowl of cake batter, and even the baby often tries to stick a wooden spoon into whatever I happen to be making. But when children work in the kitchen, safety has to come first and so high-quality, child-friendly cooking utensils are a must.

Head Chefs spoonThat’s where the Head Chefs from Fiesta Products comes in. This innovative collection features completely unique and functional silicone cooking tools for children. The utensils look like humorous cartoons that are sure to delight children, since the handles are shaped like flexible bodies with the top of the tool creating the head. I couldn’t help but laugh when I pulled out a Head Chefs spoon and saw the total effect, and my son was just as thrilled as I was!

I received the Head Chefs Stirring Spoon, Icing Spreader Knife and Child’s Bowl to review. The spoon and knife both have some great features for both parents and children. The arms and legs of the characters are bendable, which means the utensils are loads of fun for kids. And the feet of the characters are small suction cups so kids can stick the utensil on the counter upright and avoid a mess!

The actual spoon and knife were both solid silicone (as opposed to the soft silicone body-shaped handles) and very durable. Zackary first used the knife to slice mushrooms for me for a pasta sauce and I was very impressed with how well the knife cut through the food. Finding a knife that will properly cut food without a risk of cutting skin is no easy task, but the Head Chefs knife did the job perfectly.

When the mushrooms were chopped, Zackary grabbed the spoon and helped me carefully stir the sauce. The arms and legs on the spoon actually made it easier for him to keep a good grip on the handle, and he had a great time making supper with me. Most of our cookware is stainless steel, but we do have a few nonstick pots and pans, so I was glad that the utensils wouldn’t scratch the surface. And the spoon is also just the right size for mixing up a bowl of cookie dough!

Head Chefs vegetable peelerThe Child’s Bowl featured flat blue soft silicone feet on the side, and they gave the bowl incredible stability. When I saw how nice and sturdy this bowl was, I immediately claimed it for anything runny or messy either of my sons might be eating. The chances of tipping over this bowl are incredibly slim; it would take some real work to slop anything out of it. So from now on, if we’re going to be eating soup, cereal or anything else that could easily spill, it automatically gets served in the Head Chefs bowl!

Head Chefs products would make a great gift for any aspiring young chef, and the full product line will let children master all of the basic kitchen tasks, from peeling vegetables to whisking eggs. I am blown away by the effectiveness of these children’s kitchen tools and there is nothing I like better than seeing Zackary pull them out and climb up into a chair beside me to help cook. For kitchen utensils that really work while still being really fun, check out Head Chefs today!

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  1. I learned that Head Chefs makes their items for serious chefs and for moms, dads and kids who are interested in serious kitchen fun!

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