Lovely Pocket Diapers Affordable One-Size Cloth Diapers-Review and Giveaway

I’ve been cloth-diapering Benjamin full-time since July of last year and I really fell in love with it. Some of my friends have actually told me that I’m brave to add the extra work into my already busy day by using cloth diapers, but thanks to the easy-to-use designs of most cloth diapers today, I haven’t really found that cloth diapering adds very much work to my day at all.

lovely pocket diapers cow printThat being said, there are a very few disadvantages to cloth diapering, and without question one of those disadvantages has to be the huge start-up cost involved. A very basic starter cloth diapering kit can easily cost well over $200 and as much as some women might want to use cloth diapers, that’s a huge initial investment for some families to make! The fact that the investment will eventually pay for itself doesn’t really matter if a family simply doesn’t have the money to pay for the initial cost.

Well, cloth-diapering mamas, get ready to cheer because a fabulous new “momtrepreneur” business feels the same way and has created a mission to offer high-quality cloth diapers that any mother can afford. Lovely Pocket Diapers was created when Melissa, an eco-Mom with a desire to cloth diaper, started investigating the costs involved in cloth diapering her baby daughter. She loved the look and convenience of pocket diapers, but as much as she wanted to support the environment, the frugalista in her just couldn’t justify paying $15-30 for a single one-size pocket diaper! And so, Lovely Pocket Diapers was born. The online store offers beautiful one-size pocket diapers with inserts for a mere $7 or $7.50 each! I was lucky enough to review one of these diapers for myself and I couldn’t wait to see how they compared to the pricier diapers.

When the diaper arrived, the first thing I noticed was how completely adorable it was. Lovely Pocket Diapers come in a choice of ten different solid colours or twelve different prints with the convenient adjustable one-size design. I received the Cow Print diaper to review and I just loved the oh-so-cute black and white spotted design of the diaper.

I put the diaper on Benjamin right away and I almost couldn’t believe how sweet he looked. Because it’s the method I am most accustomed to, I decided to lay the insert in the diaper rather than putting it inside of the diaper’s pocket. This meant that I was essentially using the diaper as a cover and that when Benjamin was wet I could simply replace the insert rather than changing the entire diaper!

The snaps on the diaper were nice and sturdy and held the diaper on Benjamin perfectly. I simply loved how soft this diaper was and Benjamin seemed to really enjoy it too. I also noticed that when he was running around the house the diaper stayed up around his waist where it belonged, a definite plus for me. Now that my youngest son is so active, some of his other diapers seem to leave him with a permanent case of “plumber butt!”

The diapers are lined with a super-soft microsuede interior with an inner layer of PUL for superior leak protection and a cuddly microsuede exterior. The inserts consist of three layers of soft and absorbent microfibre. Both the microsuede and the microfibre are designed to wick moisture away from a baby’s skin to help prevent diaper rash. The main difference between the Lovely Pocket Diaper I received and most of the other cloth diapers I had tried was the size of the insert. It was a little smaller than most of the other cloth diaper inserts I have used, but with its absorbent microfibre material the diaper still provided excellent leak protection and Benjamin wore the diaper for over four hours without a single leak. For bedtime I just used two inserts instead of one and the diaper lasted through the night perfectly.

lovely pocket diapers dark greenLovely Pocket Diapers really blew me away with their quality and their affordable price. When I first looked at the website, I thought that the diapers and inserts were sold separately and even then I was impressed with the price. When I realized that the diapers themselves came with one triple-layer microfibre insert, I was flabbergasted. These diapers are absolutely phenomenal and to get a diaper and insert of such great quality for a mere seven dollars is so satisfying!

Lovely Pocket Diapers are the only diaper I will be buying from now on. The price is phenomenal, the look of the diapers is adorable and the quality of the diapers and inserts is superb! Best of all, if you already have some cloth diapers, the inserts from your other diapers will most likely work perfectly with the Lovely Pocket Diapers! I’ve used all of the inserts from my other cloth diapers with the Lovely Pocket Diaper and every one fits inside perfectly. If you are looking for an affordable cloth diaper that doesn’t compromise on quality, you need to try out a Lovely Pocket Diaper. You’ll never go back to expensive cloth diapers again!

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