Boiron Camilia Teething Homeopathic Pain Relief Review

I have been through the agonies of the teething process on two separate occasions now and found it thoroughly frustrating each time. Both of my boys would be absolutely fine for a month or two and then suddenly, with a great deal of fussiness, grumping, drooling and waking up in the night, they would have four teeth erupt all at the same time.

I don’t know if they were fussier than the average child because they got so many teeth at once or if their behaviour was normal and I was lucky that they got four teeth at one time, but either way, teething time was never pleasant.

boiron camilia boxPart of the problem, of course, was that I didn’t use any type of painkiller while they were teething. I prefer to only give my boys Tylenol if they are in absolute need of it and common teething troubles just didn’t seem to fit the bill.

Orajel, which contains Novocain, tastes and feels absolutely horrible in the mouth and I don’t really feel very comfortable giving it to my children, especially knowing that they will inevitably swallow it. At that time, I thought those were the only options I had.

Luckily, I learned about Camilia. This incredible homeopathic teething product from Boiron is the perfect solution for any mother looking for a safe and natural way to relieve her baby’s teething pain and I was thrilled when I was given a chance to review the product for myself.

I received a beautiful teething kit complete with a baby toothbrush, a teething ring, a photo frame memory box and a box of Camilia to review. Benjamin immediately pulled the teething ring out of its package and began to play with it, but I was more interested in checking out the box of Camilia.

Benjamin has almost all of his teeth but at the time the box arrived he was missing his eyeteeth and his back molars. He’d been a little more fussy than usual lately and I had a feeling one of the two sets of teeth was soon going to be making an appearance.

There are a few things that make Camilia the smart choice for relief of teething discomfort. First and foremost, the active ingredients are all homeopathic plant-based medicines with no known side effects so unlike most over the counter medications, I could feel safe about giving it to my baby.

The clever single-dose dispensers are another great feature of Camilia. The little tubes of liquid are pre-measured to the perfect size and all I had to do to give one to Benjamin was break off the top and squirt it into his mouth.

I tried one of the doses myself to see what it was like and the taste was almost the same as water with just a faint herbal aftertaste. Benjamin didn’t mind drinking the dose, but if he had been reluctant to take it, the almost flavourless liquid would have been easy to add to any drink.

Benjamin seemed a little less fussy after taking the Camilia, though this is really something that is very subjective with many children. The time I really noticed a difference with Camilia, however, was at bedtime. When he is teething, Benjamin wakes up to nurse at least three times a night and sometimes more.

I’m sure it’s because the movement of his mouth helps to sooth his gums, but that doesn’t make the late-night wake-up calls any easier to deal with. When I gave Benjamin Camilia before bed, he woke up only once in the middle of the night, just like the times when he isn’t teething. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Camilia is free of alcohol, sugar, colouring, flavouring and preservatives. It is by far the safest and most natural teething pain solution I have ever tried and was just as effective as any other medicine I’ve used.

Incidentally, since I received the Camilia to review, all four of Benjamin’s eyeteeth have broken through and with the help of Camilia we managed to get through the process with both of us getting a much better night’s sleep that we usually do. The molars are still to come, but thankfully I know that Camilia will let my baby to get the sleep he needs in the night and relieve some of his fussiness during the day.

If you’re looking for a safer and more natural solution for your baby’s teething woes, you will definitely want to give Camilia a try. It’s a gentle and effective way to help you and your baby both feel better!

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