Cattle Boyz Gourmet BBQ Sauces and Seasonings Review

The first day of summer is only three weeks away and for my family the warmer weather always brings the same three letters to all our minds…BBQ! There is nothing I love more than a delicious meal served hot off the grill and eaten outside in our big backyard and my husband and kids feel exactly the same way. Nobody complains when we cook something on the barbeque and even Zackary, who is a frustratingly picky eater, will devour everything on his plate.

cattle boyz bbq sauce product assortmentSince we all love barbequing so much, I didn’t really think there was anything out there that could make us love it even more. But I learned how wrong I was when I got to review the sensational Starter Kit of delicious gourmet BBQ sauce and spices from Cattle Boyz.

Cattle Boyz is an award-winning company that was founded in the Alberta, a province known for its mouth-watering beef and its love of the outdoors. The company’s first product, Cattle Boyz Original Sauce, was created by a rancher that understood a truly great BBQ sauce enhances the taste of meat rather than covering it up. Since Cattle Boyz products first hit the market in 1998, they have won dozens of coveted awards and gained fans across North America in the process. Today, Cattle Boyz is instantly recognized as a household name in thousands of barbeque-loving households.

I received the Cattle Boyz Original Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Big Country Garlic Seasoning, Smokey Southwest Spice and Rub and Gourmet Seasoning to review. This collection is a barbeque fan’s dream come true and has flavours that are sure to please any palate. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to start cooking!

Though I was eager to get reviewing, my husband was actually the first one to try out one of the Cattle Boyz products. On Mother’s Day, he cooked me a huge breakfast including his special homemade hash browns. This year, he seasoned them with the delectable Big Country Garlic Seasoning and I couldn’t believe how addictively delicious they were. The garlic flavour was nice and distinctive without being overpowering and I couldn’t wait to try it out on something else. Since that first taste, I’ve used the seasoning in dips, on meat and in casseroles and I have been blown away every time.

The next product I used was the Cattle Boyz Original Sauce and I knew from my first bite why it was so popular. I made barbequed chicken and glazed it with the sauce for one of our weekend suppers. This sauce has a flavour that is unlike any other barbeque sauce and its unique taste is a huge part of its appeal. Unlike many commercial sauces, it isn’t too sugary and the flavour of molasses comes through nicely in the sauce to give it just a hint of sweetness. Diced garlic adds the perfect bit of zing and the overall flavour is complex and delectable. The whole family loved the sauce and since our first experience we have used Cattle Boys Original Sauce on everything from burgers to beans. We even used it as a dip for nuggets!

Chicken is probably our favourite barbequed food, so a few weeks later I cut up two whole chickens and used two more Cattle Boyz products to season them for supper. I rubbed the Smokey Southwest Seasoning and Rub on one of the chickens before I barbequed it and glazed the other chicken with the Sweet Chili Barbeque Sauce in the last ten minutes of cooking. Both of the chickens were absolutely delicious, though the chicken seasoned with the Smokey Southwest Seasoning and Rub was a bigger hit in the household. The smokey flavour was a hit with everyone and the milder taste was definitely appreciated by the kids. The Sweet Chili Sauce was delicious as well, but it had much more of a spicy kick to it. For those that like a little fire in their cooking, the Sweet Chili Sauce would be the perfect choice!

cattle boyz original sauceThe final product I received was the scrumptious Cattle Boyz Gourmet Seasoning. I used this delicious spice blend on absolutely everything. It added zip to baked potatoes and livened up stir-frys. I especially liked using it to season a juicy steak and the blend of onions, garlic and red peppers was the perfect accompaniment to so many dishes and contained less than half the salt of similar products on the market.

Cattle Boyz products really are a barbeque-lover’s dream come true and my entire family has fallen in love with the delicious sauces and spices from this phenomenal company. If you love barbequing, you need to give Cattle Boyz products a try. Your first bite will have you convinced that you’ve found the World’s Best BBQ Sauce!

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    1. We bought a bottle of Cattle Boyz BBQ Sauce with maple bacon and chipotle and bbqed pork chops last night. It was truly the best BBQ sauce I have ever had. We went out immediately thus morning to find some more. I have never written a review of a product. This is one of my top 10 favourite products ever. Pete Lavigne, Fonthill Onrario

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