Green Beaver Organic Natural Sun Protection Review

Regular readers of my blog may recall that when it comes to sunscreen, I have some very strong opinions. I have a powerful dislike of commercial chemical-based sunscreens and the more I hear about the potentially harmful cocktail of ingredients they contain, the more my dislike increases.

green beaver kids sunscreenI have never really worried about wearing sunscreen and my oldest son has quite a dark complexion so unless we were going to be outside for the entire day I didn’t really use sunscreen at all.

But when my youngest son was born and I saw his pale skin I had no choice but to find a product that I felt comfortable using to protect him from burning.

Fortunately, there are so many sensational natural products available today that I wasn’t even limited in my choices.

I have tried a few chemical-free sunscreens since my son’s birth and I am always excited to see the newest natural sunscreen on the market so I was delighted when I got to test the brand new organic SPF 30 sunscreen from Green Beaver.

I’ve featured Green Beaver’s incredible organic personal care products in the past and the new line of sun care products looked like it would be just as wonderful as the other products I had tried. I couldn’t wait to see how the sunscreen worked for my family.

I received the Green Beaver Certified Organic SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen to review. The active ingredient is good old-fashioned zinc oxide, which provides the powerful sun protection.

The main downside of using zinc oxide is that it tends to leave a visible white residue so I was glad to see that the Green Beaver sunscreen was non-whitening. I decided to test the sunscreen out on the boys and myself on one of Saskatchewan’s especially hot May afternoons.

The sunscreen was a nice medium thickness and not too goopy. I appreciated the fact that the sunscreen actually absorbed into my skin.

It left a slightly sticky residue on my skin, but almost all sunscreens do and I certainly don’t mind the feeling as long as my skin is protected. The sunscreen left a shine on my arms and legs that I actually really loved. My glistening skin almost looked as if I had used a body shimmer powder!

The boys both rubbed sunscreen on their exposed skin happily, though Benjamin did need a bit of help rubbing it into his arms. They wiped their hands on an old towel and the three of us headed outside to play.

green beaver spf 15 lip balmMy entire household is very outdoorsy and if my two sons had their way, they would be outside from the moment they woke up until the moment they fell into bed.

They spent the entire afternoon bouncing on the trampoline, swinging on the swings and running around the yard. When they finally came into the house, they were exhausted, but no darker than they had been when they went outside!

My arms had withstood the sun just as well and I loved the fact that I had such a great natural sunscreen that was also certified organic! Like the other Green Beaver products I have tried, the Certified Organic SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen was as effective as it was gentle.

If you’re looking for a safe and natural sunscreen for your children, Green Beaver has you covered. With only the best organic ingredients and no chemicals, nano-particles or silicone, it’s a great choice for the whole family!

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