Dremel Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Review

A little over a year ago, my family got the chance to review the absolutely phenomenal Dremel 8200 Cordless Rotary Tool (you can read the review here). Almost every man agrees that a rotary tool is an essential component of any toolkit and there is no brand of rotary device that even comes close to the Dremel name for innovation, quality and reliability. My husband quickly fell in love with his Dremel and ever since receiving it, he responds to almost every hard-to-solve household problem with, “Hold on. I’ll get my Dremel.”

cordless dremel multi-max with accessoriesAfter seeing how useful my husband’s Dremel 8200 Cordless Rotary Tool was, I couldn’t help but find myself curious about Dremel’s newest innovation, the Cordless Dremel Multi-Max. The Dremel Multi-Max was the very first oscillating tool backed by the Dremel name and when my husband and I were given a chance to try the brand new cordless version of this amazing device, I couldn’t wait to see what it could do.

For those of you that don’t follow the lingo, a rotary tool is powered with a motor that spins the attachments in a circle. It’s ideal for grinding, polishing and any kind of difficult detail work. An oscillating tool is powered with a motor that moves the attachments back and forth incredibly quickly. It’s the perfect choice for sanding, cutting, removing grout and other common home repair and improvement tasks.

Shortly after my husband received the Cordless Dremel Multi-Max, he decided that the time had come to deal with a piece of wood that was sticking out from the top of our cupboards. It was in an incredibly awkward position, which was why it had never been removed previously. With the compact design of the Dremel Multi-Max, my husband was able to cut through the piece of wood neatly and cleanly in a matter of seconds!

dremel multi-max cutting doorjamb for hardwood installationBut the usefulness of the Cordless Dremel Multi-Max didn’t end there! In the coming weeks, my husband used the tool for everything from sanding and smoothing the edges of some wooden cupboards he was refinishing to planing down the frame of our screen door, which had recently started sticking when we tried to shut it. The cordless design made this the perfect tool for any awkward space and my husband was blown away by just how many things he could do with the Multi-Max!

His favourite attachment was the Wood Flush Cutting Blade. This handy device let my husband make flush cuts in doorjambs so that he could quickly and easily install laminate flooring or carpeting. Making flush cuts in such a restricted area is a job that is almost impossible with other tools but it was no problem for the Dremel Multi-Max!

The tool is as well designed as it is useful, too. With a variable speed control that let my husband choose a speed between 3,000 and 21,000/min, getting precise control for tricky jobs was easy. A separate power switch gave him a way to save his speed setting once he’d found that perfect level. The two included 12V Lithium-Ion batteries charged in a mere hour in the included charger. And the exclusive Quick Fit feature let my husband switch back and forth between accessories in about half the time it would take with any other brand of oscillating tool. The device even has a battery fuel gauge so that he knew when it was time to charge the battery!

dremel multi-max removing old groutThe Cordless Dremel Multi-Max is just as useful and versatile as any other Dremel tool and a must-have in the household. My husband adored the fact he could make necessary cuts in tight places without a problem and he said that the quick sanding the device was capable of saved him so much time. In his words, “It’s meant for completely different jobs than my Dremel rotary tool, but I use it just as much. They’re both so important for doing different things.” If you have a handyman in the house, there is no doubt that he will be impressed by the many things he can do with the Cordless Dremel Multi-Max. It’s the perfect powerful and easy-to-use oscillating tool for all kinds of jobs around the house and because it’s made by Dremel, you know it’s made to get the job done!

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  1. the first project i would do is Sanding Wood Furniture (dresser)

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