Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bathing Suit Review

I have a few minor body issues but one problem I’ve never had is self-consciousness about a small chest.

As I have mentioned in other reviews, my chest is quite large and presents its own challenges, but I know very well that having a smaller chest can be just as challenging, especially when bathing suit season rolls around.

voda swim sapphire envy hoop halter and scoopVoda Swim is a fabulous company that produces push up swimwear designed for the small-busted woman.

The swimsuits the company creates use an innovative design called the Envy Push Up to create a completely natural-looking increase in bust size so that women that struggle with feeling disproportionate can finally wear a gorgeous bikini with confidence.

Obviously, I wasn’t suited to review this particular style of suit, but my thirteen-year-old stepdaughter leapt at the chance.

She is short and incredibly slight for her age and while her body is still growing, she is also at an age when appearances are incredibly important to her and her peers. She eagerly chose a suit to review.

Alison decided on the Sapphire Envy Push Up Hoop Halter and Scoop suit in a size small to review. When the suit arrived, we both oohed and aahed over it.

The colour was absolutely vibrant and the gorgeous hoops were plated with 14 karat gold to ensure that they were chlorine and salt-water resistant.

Alison ran to try on the push up bikini at once and it looked absolutely stunning on her. The bikini top did look completely natural and definitely gave her a bit more curviness on top.

She went hot-tubbing and swimming a few times after receiving the suit and it was always the one she chose. I certainly couldn’t blame her; it is a gorgeous suit and she looked great in it.

Voda Swim also offers supportive tops for larger chests, tankini tops, and coverups, and they’re adding new products every year! While they may not have added rash guard shirts or other specialized gear just yet, the company is constantly adding new swim options that fit every woman’s needs.

The Envy Push Up suits from Voda Swim are the perfect choice for any woman that feels like her small chest is out of proportion with the rest of her body and are a great way to help growing teens feel great in that awkward stage when their bodies are slowly developing.

If you’ve been looking for a suit that gives you extra lift and cleavage, look no further than Voda Swim. The company’s suits are the perfect natural-looking solution.summer fun button

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