A Brief Glimpse Into the Mind of a Child

Have you even noticed how sometimes the funniest statements children make are also the ones that show how brilliantly logical their minds are? I’ve had this post planned for awhile, but I wanted to get the words just right. I think I’ve got it.

My son was racing his Hot Wheels cars on the floor one day. He knows all of their names and happened to be playing with one named Asphalt Assault, which he, with typical child syntax, pronounces, “Ass-phalt Assault.” Being a boy (and car-crazy) he of course knows all about roads and their construction.

Suddenly, he stopped playing and looked up at me with a thoughtful expression. “You know what, Mom?” he announced with a slow nod. “I think that when a road starts to get a break in it…it’s called an Ass Crack!”

Okay. So he was a little off on his hypothesis.

But you have to admire the brilliance that went into making that deduction!

Do you have a hilariously ingenious moment from one of your children? I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “A Brief Glimpse Into the Mind of a Child”

  1. I love it! I think he is much funnier than Jay Leno and those others “funny” guys! *giggles* I may have to borrow that line from him sometime…giving him credit of course! lol

    1. Tee hee! This one was pretty priceless; I had a hard time not bursting out laughing and hurting his feelings, especially since he had obviously really thought it through! lol

  2. My 3yr old daughter was eating one day and I asked her “Where does the food go after you eat it?” She said ‘It goes into my belly’. Then I asked “After your belly does it go down to your toes?” She said ‘No!”
    ‘How do you know that?” I asked. She said ” If it did and I bumped my foot, then I would get a tummy ache.”
    I was amazed at the logic of my 3 year old! How does a 3yr old come up with that?

    Another time I was watching a movie late at night. I was a ‘not for kids’ show with lots of foul language. At about midnight, my youngest daughter (my 3yr old) woke up crying and wanted mommy. She came and sat beside me on the couch so mommy could give her a hug. The whole time, the movie was playing and then when I looked at my daughter, I saw she was focused on the movie. Now remember, this show contains lots of swearing. Suddenly, my daughter speaks up and says ” Mommy, that man said a bad word!” In my head, I was thinking, here comes her first swear, and I’m the one that exposed her to it first! My daughter turns to me and says, “Mommy, that man said ‘stupid!’
    With a sigh of relief I said, “You know, you’re right. We better turn this show off!” ……………..thank goodness the man on the show said stupid. Live and learn!

    1. Debbie, what awesome stories! This is exactly what I find so amazing about kids; they are absolutely ingenious in their ideas!

      I’ve had parenting moments like that too where I think to myself, “Thank goodness he noticed THAT and not the REALLY bad thing!” lol It’s always a moment that has me giving a big sigh of relief!

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