Janes FlatJacks Chicken Snacks-Review and Giveaway

This fall, my son started Kindergarten and I entered the world of box lunches, book orders and after-school snacks. I must admit that I love every minute of it! I find it so exciting to see my darling boy heading off to school every day and I honestly enjoy the fun of packing sandwiches for lunchtime and planning snacks for his return home.

janes flatjacks buffalo styleMy family members are already huge fans of Janes Family Foods. Since 1969, Janes has offered Canadians quick and tasty chicken, fish and beef entrees that are a hit with kids and parents alike. We often enjoy Janes Pub Style Chicken Breast Strips when we need a speedy supper before an evening event, so when I got the chance to review Janes FlatJacks, a quick and easy protein-rich snack perfect for after school, I couldn’t wait.

I received a fabulous review package from Janes Chicken that included full-value coupons for Janes FlatJacks, a pair of toaster tongs, an insulated reusable shopping bag, and a beautiful stainless steel Black & Decker toaster! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get to the store and grab some boxes of Janes FlatJacks!

Janes FlatJacks come in three flavours: Original, Buffalo and Grilled Cheese. I really wanted to try the Grilled Cheese variety, but apparently so did other shoppers because there were only Original FlatJacks left on the shelves when I got to my local grocery store. I saved one of my coupons so that I could try the Grilled Cheese FlatJacks when the store restocked and headed home to test out the tasty-looking snack.

I loved how easy the FlatJacks were to cook. I simply put them into the toaster and when they popped up, I flipped them over and put them back in once more. In the time it would have taken me to make two batches of toast, I instead had two crispy, hot and delicious-smelling chicken snacks!

Zackary and Benjamin loved the rectangular chicken treats; I cut Benjamin’s FlatJack into quarters to create four mini FlatJacks for him to enjoy, but Zackary just bit right into his like it was a piece of toast. The chicken was nice and juicy and the crunchy coating was the perfect compliment. We polished off our first box of FlatJacks as soon as we opened it!

I saved the other box for after-school snacks for Zackary and he made it clear to everyone that he would prefer nobody else go near them. “They’re not for Dads,” he informed his father seriously one day. “They’re special for kids, because there’s a kid on the box! They’re my special snacks for after school!”

For the most part, we let him keep the FlatJacks for his after-school snacks and I was so happy to see him enjoying a healthy, trans fat-free, white-meat chicken snack instead of a sugar-laden granola bar or other sweet treat. I also noticed that when he ate FlatJacks after school, he generally didn’t want anything else until supper. Often when he has a carbohydrate-based snack, he’ll request something else shortly after finishing. He knows enough to ask for a healthy snack like yoghurt or a piece of fruit, but it’s obvious that the protein in the FlatJacks keeps him feeling full longer.

janes flatjacks facesAnd best of all, since FlatJacks are fully cooked, Zackary can even prepare them himself! He loves using the fun wooden toaster tongs to carefully remove his snack from the toaster!

Janes FlatJacks were definitely a big hit in our household and while we don’t necessarily mention it to our headstrong oldest son, my husband and I often enjoy FlatJacks for a late-night snack as well! They’re the perfect filling and delicious alternative to sugary treats and a much healthier choice than most fat-laden savoury snacks. If you’re looking for a better snack for your kids, why not give a box of Janes FlatJacks a try? They’re the after-school snack that’s fun to eat and fills you up. What more could a kid or a parent ask for?

Buy It: Janes FlatJacks are available at grocery stores, supermarkets and mass merchandise stores across Canada

Win It: One very lucky reader is going to win an incredible Janes FlatJacks Prize Pack containing full-value coupons for Janes products, a Black & Decker toaster and much more, a $120 value, from Janes Family Foods

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