SkinFix Body Repair Paste Review

If you’ve ever read a biology textbook or watched an episode of Jeopardy, you may already know that the largest organ of the human body is the skin.

And skin, since it is so large and exposed to so much, can cause tons of problems. From acne to eczema to allergies, there are so many different irritants that can contribute to problem skin.

skinfix body repair pasteSkinFix knows how many potential hazards the skin faces every day and the company’s incredible Body Repair Pastes have been helping to treat and prevent all kinds of skin irritations since the paste’s secret recipe was first brought to Canada from England by the grandmother of the company’s founder.

My first experience with the products was when I received a sample of the company’s incredible Diaper Rash Paste from a friend. I was blown away by how effectively it treated even the worst diaper rash; within hours of application my son’s skin would be looking better!

So when I got the chance to review the company’s original Body Repair Paste, I was thrilled.

SkinFix Body Repair Paste has been said to be effective at treating virtually any skin condition or irritation. I was so excited to test it out for myself.

My big skin issue is acne. I get breakouts at random times throughout the month and nothing seems to make them better. Even when I find a cream or lotion that works for a while, I’ll usually find that after my skin gets used to it, it starts to break out once more.

Since I didn’t want to be putting the SkinFix Body Repair Paste on my healthy, unblemished skin, I decided to try using it as a spot-treatment for my acne to see how it worked.

I put it on lightly in the morning and blended it so that it wouldn’t be visible on my skin. Then, before bed, I dabbed a bit more onto my blemishes and let it sit a little more thickly overnight.

Within one day of treatment, my smaller blemishes were gone and my larger ones were both less swollen and less red!

I was so impressed by how well the SkinFix Body Repair Paste worked on my acne, but I shouldn’t have been surprised; I saw the same kind of amazing results with the SkinFix Diaper Rash Paste.

Even when my youngest son developed a blistered yeast-based diaper rash, two applications of SkinFix took care of the problem.

skinfix diaper rash pasteI use SkinFix Body Repair Paste on almost every skin condition imaginable these days. It’s wonderful for clearing up that occasional moisture rash that babies get on their faces. I adore using it on my oldest son’s dry elbows and knees.

And I really can’t wait until my four-year-old niece comes to visit so that I can see how it works on her occasional eczema breakouts.

But for me personally, the best feature of SkinFix Body Repair Paste is how well it works on my acne.

If you have a skin condition that’s been bothering you and you’re not sure what else to try, you owe it to yourself to try SkinFix Body Repair Paste.

No matter what the skin ailment, the chances are good that SkinFix can fix the problem. Try it out for yourself and see why this old family recipe has become a trusted household name for families across Canada!

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