Swiss Natural Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Review

There’s nothing more important than good nutrition, but every mom knows that feeding a family the perfect balance of protein, complex carbs, fruits, vegetables and essential oils every day is HARD!

Kids are picky, time is usually limited, and convenience food is just way too…well…convenient! So how do you make sure that you and your children are getting all the nutrients they need?

swiss natural total one kids multiSwiss Natural understands the challenge and the company offers a complete assortment of vitamin and mineral supplements for kids and adults alike.

I was lucky enough to review a fabulous assortment of the company’s most popular and necessary products for myself and I couldn’t wait.

We received a range of multi-vitamins, supplements and dietary solutions to review. My husband was excited to see both the Total One Men Timed Release Multi Vitamin & Mineral and the Omega-3 Adult Soft Gel Capsule.

He and I are both big supporters of Omega-3 in the diet but finding a good supplement for adults isn’t as easy as finding one for kids!

Zackary and Benjamin were delighted to see that they had their own special vitamins in the assortment as well. Their favourite product was Swiss Natural’s new Kids Health Total One Multi Vitamin and Mineral.

The vitamins themselves were a big hit but when my boys found stickers and tattoos inside the box, they were really sold! The vitamins come in three different flavours and both kids loved picking the colour they would eat every morning.

Since the vitamins were free of iron, even two-year-old Benjamin could have his multivitamin every day, and I felt so much better knowing that my sons were getting an adequate amount of vitamins, calcium and other important nutrients.

Zackary and Benjamin also enjoyed the Kids Health Chewable Vitamin D supplement, which had a great orange flavour and was shaped like a puppy, something my dog-loving youngest son completely adored!

They only got to have these on cloudy indoor days, so having a “puppy vitamin” became a special treat for them!

swiss natural chewable vitamin c 500mgI wasn’t left out either; I got to enjoy the Swiss Natural Total One Women Timed Release Multi Vitamin and Mineral tablets and the delicious and useful chewable Vitamin D and Vitamin C tablets.

I was battling a cold a few weeks ago and with the help of two Vitamin C chewable tablets a day I was feeling better in no time!

We haven’t used the Solutions products much lately, but I have used them in the past and was very impressed.

These innovative formulas are designed to naturally aid with occasional health complaints such as low energy and insomnia.

I’ve used the Solutions Energy capsules in the past and they really do make a huge difference when afternoon fatigue becomes hard to handle

All the products Swiss Natural carries are formulated from natural sources and tested to be as effective as possible. It was so nice to have vitamins for the entire family and I was glad to know that even if we hadn’t had all our fruits and vegetables that day, we weren’t missing out on essential nutrients.

If you want to make sure that your family is getting the nutrients they need even when their diet isn’t ideal, check out the range of supplements from Swiss Natural. With this company’s help, getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals every day has never been easier!

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  1. i’d like to try the Swiss Natural’s new Kids Health Total One Multi Vitamin and Mineral . My kids should really be taking vitamins but i’m bad with them lol

  2. I learnt that the study suggests that there is a link between women multi vitamin users between 55-69 years of age and an increased mortality rate. ! Wow!

  3. They have such a huge inventory! I’ve recently been advised to take Co Q 10, so I’d love to try their CoQ10 (Co-Enzyme Q10) 100mg Capsule


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