VacciShield Dietary Supplement Review

When it comes to vaccinations, I have some pretty strong feelings about the ones that I will and won’t allow my children to have.

Not a single member of our family received the H1N1 vaccine. I do not believe flu shots are helpful or necessary. And I am very hesitant about the chicken pox vaccine.

That being said, there are some vaccines that I think are very necessary. For the most part, any vaccine that I had when I was a child is one that I am fairly comfortable with my child receiving.

vaccishield dietary supplementBecause of my feelings about vaccines and because my husband has a strong history of allergies to medication in his family, I somehow reached a point where my children were both behind on their immunizations.

Zackary had missed his eighteen-month and his four-year boosters and Benjamin hadn’t had a vaccination since he was six months old.

When the public health nurse called to remind me that they were long overdue for their vaccinations, I knew it was time to head into the office.

When I was contacted by Dr. Catherine Clinton, a momtrepreneur that had developed a new supplement called VacciShield designed especially to promote optimal health during vaccinations, the timing seemed predestined. I eagerly agreed to test out the supplement for myself.

I loved the fact that the supplement was essentially just a blend of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and an amino acid designed to ensure that infants and children were as healthy as possible both before and after being vaccinated.

The slightly tart powder mixed into food or liquid very easily. I liked to mix the powder into apple juice and neither of my boys seemed to notice a taste difference.

As recommended on the package, they took the powder for ten days prior to their vaccinations and ten days after.

Neither boy had any reactions or issues with the needles and while I have no way of knowing if VacciShield actually helped, it certainly didn’t hurt and I would way rather be safe than sorry!

My boys still don’t have their flu shots or their chicken pox vaccine. But they are up-to-date on their other immunizations and they didn’t suffer from any side effects.

If you have concerns about vaccinations and you’re looking for a way to ensure that your child is as healthy as possible before you head in, why not give VacciShield a try?

It really helped me to know that I was ensuring my child’s optimal health before he got his needle and gave me a little extra peace of mind as well. Check it out for yourself!

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11 thoughts on “VacciShield Dietary Supplement Review”

  1. I like that most of the ingredients detoxify. With all of the extra “junk” in vax, this is very important to me.

    P.S. My youngest is only getting two immunizations right now – I say skip the chicken pox one. It’s looking like kids who get it will need to have boosters for the rest of their lives because immunity wears off. My oldest will have to have this shot every 7-10 years or risk getting chicken pox as an adult. The complications that can arise for getting this as an adult are crazy – from chronic pain for the rest of their lives to sterilization…

    1. Good to know, Alicia! This is one that I REALLY struggled with, but I really do think you’re right; treating chicken pox the old-fashioned way is best. I didn’t know about the vaccine wearing off, but it confirms the hesitation was a good thing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I learned that there are (depending on the age of the child) up to 3 rounds of the 14 doses suggested for each vaccine/round of vaccines. I would LOVE to try this out. We selectively vaccinate too and I have talked to hubby about finding a special supplement for around vaccine time.

  3. I learned that:
    VacciShield meets the rigorous safety standards of the Dietary Health and Supplement Act (DHSA) and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

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