PlaSmart PlasmaCar Scooter Review

Holiday Gift for Energetic Kids

A gift that helps children burn off some energy is as much fun for the parent as it is for the child, and nothing combines fun and energy-burning better than a PlasmaCar!

The PlasmaCar from PlaSmart has been helping kids use up their excess energy since 2003 and there’s a reason that these wiggly scooters are more popular than ever.

2011 Red PlasmaCar

The PlasmaCar is powered by one of the most eco-friendly energy sources around…kid power! By sitting on the PlasmaCar and wiggling the steering wheel back and forth, the scooter can reach an incredible ten kilometres per hour and provide hours of amusement.

And the PlasmaCar isn’t just for kids! With the ability to support up to 220 lbs on flat, smooth surfaces, grown-ups can enjoy the fun of wiggling down the road too!

Needless to say, my two bundles of energy were enraptured as soon as their Dad put the PlasmaCar together. The assembly was a breeze; he simply popped the wheels into place, attached the steering wheel and just like that, my boys were ready to speed through the house!

For the first few days, walking around without tripping over the small boy that just happened to be zooming across the floor was a bit of a challenge!

While the PlasmaCar is a great choice for outdoor fun on a big driveway or any other large, smooth surface, it is equally fun as an indoor toy.

My husband has our PlasmaCar in the basement and the large open area is the perfect place for plenty of scooting around. Bigger spaces are better for maximum PlasmaCar enjoyment, but even a small area is great when a child is sitting on one of these fabulous scooters!

The PlaSmart PlasmaCar would make a great gift for any child with lots of energy and a fondness for fun, new ways to get around. And what child doesn’t fit that description?

The PlasmaCar can be purchased at select stores across North America, so check the website for a retailer near you. Your child will have a very Merry Christmas cruising through the house on a PlasmaCar, and the rest of the family will love joining in the fun too!

ARV: $64.95

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