3 Easy Halloween Treats To Make With Kids

If you are anything like me and you sometimes find it tricky to find activities to keep your kids occupied during the holidays or weekends, why not make weekends more exciting by doing some cooking and crafts? On a Saturday afternoon when the kids are desperate for entertainment, put on your apron and get messy with some spooky Halloween treats! I will show you how to whip up some choco-spiders and brain clusters; sweet treats that are fun to make and much cheaper than buying novelty Halloween sweets.

Choco-Spiders – Carefully separate the two halves of a chocolate Oreo and place a spoonful of cool melted milk chocolate on one half. This is a messy job which your kids will love so while they get their fingers sticky, you can have a five minute sit-down to read a book or have a cup of tea. Place a few liquorice strands into the chocolate and trim to look like little legs before sandwiching the cookies back together. Spread more melted chocolate on the top cookie and stick on two mini M&Ms for eyes. And there you have it, spooky chocolate spider treats.

Brain Clusters – Simply melt butter and pink marshmallows in a pan. Once the mixture has cooled, gently mix into a bowl of ready-popped popcorn. The mixture will be very sticky, but a dab of butter rubbed between your palms will make it easy to shape with your hands. Take a small handful and roll it into a ball. Allow to set in the fridge and you will have a pink, misshapen, lumpy cluster that looks just like a brain.

Graveyard Cupcakes – The only ingredients you will need are some mini chocolate cupcakes, green frosting and a thin slab of milk chocolate. Just dye your frosting green and spread it on the cup cake. Break a piece of chocolate into a rectangle shape and push it vertically into the cake so it resembles a headstone. For the perfect finishing touch, write RIP on the chocolate using a white frosting pen.

Happy eating!

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