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I always had a hard time remembering to take my vitamins and for years I thought it was just because I was a forgetful person. But recently I’ve realized that the reason I forget to take a multi-vitamin every day is because I don’t enjoy taking a multi-vitamin every day.

Popping that large pill with a strange aftertaste into my mouth and washing it down with a big gulp of water isn’t a big deal, but it’s certainly not something I look forward to doing.

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Thankfully, those days are behind me now that Adult Essentials Gummies have come along! These tasty gummy vitamins from Life Science Nutritionals Inc, the makers of the IronKids gummy vitamins I’ve reviewed in the past (you can read the review here) are the perfect solution for adults that just don’t care for swallowing vitamins.

I have to confess, in the past I’ve been guilty of sometimes taking the boys’ vitamins instead of my own because they taste so great! But now the kids can rest easy and I can enjoy all the fun of gummies and still get the nutrition I need.

We received the Adult Essentials Enhanced Multi-Vitamin, Adult Strength Vitamin D, Smart Omega-3 and Metabolic Vitamin B12 vitamins to review.

My husband has an even bigger sweet tooth than me, so he was just as excited as I was to try the Adult Essentials Gummies vitamins. We started out by testing the Omega-3 vitamins, which were shaped like little fish.

My husband thought the vitamins were very tasty, but I have to say that I found the vitamin tasted a little too fishy for me. I tried chewing it up, but I really wasn’t a fan. My husband insisted they tasted great, however, and happily eats one every day.

Luckily for me, though, the Enhanced Multi-Vitamin also contains Omega-3, and I found this vitamin to be positively scrumptious! The variety of sweet fruit flavours were all incredibly good and I loved the soft and chewy texture too.

Because the Adult Essentials vitamins (except the Omega-3 vitamins) are pectin-based with no gelatin to thicken them, they had an amazing softness to them that I just adored. Eating these vitamins certainly wasn’t a chore and best of all, there wasn’t even a hint of fishiness in the taste!

The Vitamin B12 was a cherry-flavoured vitamin that was also very tasty, though what I loved most about this vitamin was how much more energy I had after taking it regularly for a few weeks. It really helped me get through my late nights in the busy weeks before Christmas!

The Vitamin D was the last vitamin we tried. It also came in a variety of flavours and while the Multi-Vitamins were still my favourite, the Vitamin D was tasty as well.

I don’t give my family Vitamin D supplements during the summer months because we spend so much time outdoors, but it’s an essential for our household in the winter!

And now that I’ve reached the big 3-0, I like to make sure that my bone health is optimal, so I loved knowing these tasty treats were helping my body absorb calcium more efficiently!

adult essentials prize packIn addition to being delicious, I was glad to know that the Adult Essentials vitamins were all gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, had no artificial flavours or colours and were approved by Health Canada!

My husband and I both enjoyed the Adult Essentials Gummies and now that we are using them, I very rarely forget to take my vitamins. It’s nice to know I’m not as forgetful as I thought I was, as long as I have the right kind of vitamins!

With New Year’s Resolutions being made and goals being set for the year ahead, now is a great time to start 2012 on the right foot by making sure that your body has the nutrients it needs.

And with Adult Essentials Gummies, getting those nutrients isn’t just easy, it’s delicious too! Check them out for yourself and discover how much fun a daily vitamin can be!

Buy It: Adult Essentials Gummies vitamins can be purchased at London Drugs, Loblaws and other retailers across Canada and can also be purchased online at

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  1. My husband and I have been talking recently about starting a vitamin New Years resolution. We are both in our 30’s and realize that we should be doing more for our health. Gummy vitamins for adult and kids sound great!!

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