Easy Customized Baseball Hat Craft

If you’re looking for a fun craft to make with your kids, why not try your hand at a customized hat? They’re inexpensive, quick to make and look amazing! In fact, I just made a dozen of them for party favours for my son’s birthday party!

Customized Baseball Hats


  • Hat (I bought a plain red hat at Dollarama for two dollars)
  • Felt in your desired colour
  • Scrap paper for template
  • Pen or fine-tipped marker
  • Welbond Universal Adhesive or felt glue


  1. Draw or print and cut your desired shape out of paper and test the size on the hat. This craft works best if the design stops before the upper curve of the cap.
  2. Place paper cutout on felt and trace the design with pen or a fine-tipped marker.
  3. Cut the design out of the felt and glue it to the hat with Welbond Universal Adhesive or felt glue. Set aside until glue is dry.

Total Cost: $2.50 (approx.)

mario customized ball cap

And just like that, you’re done! As you may be able to tell, my son’s party has a Super Mario Bros. theme, but these hats would be wonderful with all kinds of logos for party favours, sports teams or just for dressing up at home! Why not whip one up for your child this weekend?

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