Doodle Roll Lets You Amuse Kids on the Go Without Electronics

doodle rollWhile technology has made things like travelling with kids and waiting for appointments a lot easier for most parents, I can’t help but feel like it’s also robbed children of a lot of their inherent creativity.

I have to admit that giving my son his Leapster Explorer or letting him play a game on our tablet is pretty much the most effective way to ensure that he waits patiently and doesn’t get frustrated by long car rides. But I don’t want him to be dependant on electronics to entertain him all the time.

Fortunately, that’s where Doodle Roll comes in. This ingenious little case comes in two sizes and contains crayons and a roll of paper that can be pulled out to the desired length for some creative colouring fun!

With a design that made it easily portable and a price of less than five dollars, it looked like the perfect way to make car rides and long waits both fun and imaginative.

I received one of each size of the Doodle Roll; the four-inch size comes with four crayons and the six-inch size comes with eight. Since my boys can get pretty competitive over new things, I was glad that I had one for each of them! I let them give their Doodle Rolls a try to see what they thought.

doodle roll in useBoth Zackary and Benjamin loved pulling the paper out of the plastic case to draw something and when they were done, I showed them how they could use the wavy edge of the case to rip off their picture.

They both needed a little help with that part but I was happy to lend a hand. Pulling out the paper was their favourite thing about using the Doodle Roll and needless to say, I kept a bit of a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t go overboard!

Once the boys had tested out their Doodle Rolls, I popped both of them into my purse so that they would be ready to pull out the next time boredom struck.

I loved that they were small enough to fit in my purse and that the crayons and paper stayed nice and clean inside the plastic case. It was easy, portable fun!

If you’re looking for an electronics-free activity that you can take on the road, the Doodle Roll may be just what you need. It’s inexpensive, easy to carry around and encourages children to express themselves. Check out the Doodle Roll for yourself and give your kids a fun on-the-go activity, no batteries required!

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  1. My kids LOVE to draw so this would be super for them! The website was not working correctly so I couldn’t see much, but the plain rolls are very versatile. Are there printed rolls as well??

    1. Hi LisaAnn! Must have been a temporary glitch; the site’s working well now! :) Nope, the kits consist of the plain roll of paper and crayons in a handy plastic case so that kids can pull out the length they want and colour to their heart’s content!

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