Take the Work Out of Lasagna with New Olivieri Lasagna Sheets

If there’s a more delicious pasta dish than my mom’s famous Spinach Lasagna, I haven’t discovered it. But as most cooks know, lasagna is a pain to make! Cooking the noodles, making the sauce, layering, baking…it really does take hours by the time it’s finally finished!

olivieri lasagna sheetsFortunately, Olivieri has expanded its line of scrumptious fresh pasta and sauces to include handy lasagna sheets; fresh sheets of pasta perfect for lasagna that require no precooking! I recently received some coupons to try out the new lasagna sheets for myself and I couldn’t wait.

For me, there’s only one way to use lasagna noodles, so I picked up a package of the Olivieri Lasagna Sheets and the other ingredients I would need for Spinach Lasagna and then got cooking!

The lasagna sheets were so easy to work with; they were larger than traditional noodles and since they were fresh, cutting the sheets to fit perfectly into the pan was easy. Also, because they didn’t have the ridges that are on the edge of dry lasagna noodles, I was able to fit an extra layer of lasagna goodness into my pan!

Want to give these easy-to-use noodles a try? Listen up because Olivieri is offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers three free product coupons so that you can create your own favourite pasta dish using Olivieri fresh pasta! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment letting me know what special ingredient you love in your lasagna! And for the latest news and promotions from Olivieri, don’t forget to stop by and like the Olivieri Facebook page!

spinach lasagne

At about four dollars a package, Olivieri Lasagna Sheets cost about twice as much as a box of dried lasagna noodles but the amazing taste and texture of the noodles, not to mention the time they save, make them worth spending a few extra dollars in my opinion! Check them out for yourself and whip up your favourite lasagna recipe quickly and easily!

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144 thoughts on “Take the Work Out of Lasagna with New Olivieri Lasagna Sheets”

  1. My friend makes a mean vegetarian lasagna with cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and 4 types of cheese that is amazing…..might have to get her recipe and try it with these sheets.

    1. Christine Mirabelli

      I love real ricotta cheese in my lasagna, with a thick cream sauce overall sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I’m not much for spinach unless it’s baby spinach which is more tender. Someone told me that Italian sausage in lasagna is to ‘die for’, so I’ll be trying that next time.

    2. I love lasagna… when I make it now I make a vegetarian version, with zucchini, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, some herbs and fresh parmesan and mozzarella… Veg… can be delicious too.

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