Let Girls Be Girls With All Natural Eco Princess Play Makeup from Organic Beauty Now-Giveaway

My 5-year-old daughter Anna has skin that is extremely sensitive and eczema that we work very hard to keep under control. We have to be certain to purchase soaps, shampoos, detergents and many other products that are scent-free and contain minimal additives. Then once we find a product that works we are very leery about trying anything different.

She is only five, so wondering about makeup options for her wasn’t really something I thought about until the day she asked for a swipe of my eye shadow while watching me apply my own. I indulged her and sure enough, her eyes were dry and scratchy within an hour or so. But girls will be girls and that experience has not stopped her from making the same request for a bit of my make up whenever she catches me applying it.

eco princess play makeup setLucky for me Organic Beauty Now offered us the chance to try out an All Natural and Organic Play Makeup Set from Eco Princess Organics. As soon as the set arrived in its adorable handmade purse, Anna grabbed the eye shadow and rushed off to try it out. The two eyeshadows and one blush she received gave her enough variety to try different looks and she absolutely loved having her very own makeup set. The mineral eye shadow did not cause her any irritation so I could allow her the independence to play with it whenever she felt like getting fancy. She also received an all natural lip shimmer made from beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter which had a nice subtle shade that made her feel like a princess.

The Eco Princess Organics kit even included all natural children’s nail polish, which can also be purchased separately at Organic Beauty Now. This was perfect timing as Anna has recently decided she is ready to paint her own nails and will no longer allow me to control the brush! Fortunately this polish is a water-based product that can be removed easily from both finger nails and dining tables with just water.

eco princess water based nail polishAnd speaking of washing up, I was delighted to find that Organic Beauty Now also provided a sample of bubble bath to make bath time extra special. It is so nice to be able to provide Anna some of her favorite products knowing that they are all natural and wont flare up her skin. And what’s more is that there was actually still bubbles left right till the end of the bath, which is fairly unusual for my girls!

Organic Beauty Now also carries bath, body and beauty products for moms, dads and teens. The site even offers hair care products and aromatherapy! And everything Organic Beauty Now sells is organic and all-natural, made from the highest quality ingredients and cruelty free. And because the company wants you to be completely happy with your purchase, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall the Eco Princess products from Organic Beauty Now were a big hit with my 5-year-old and I now know of one more brand that I can trust with her sensitive skin. But this makeup set isn’t just for girls with sensitivities; it’s a great choice for any mom that wants to provide her daughter with safe, natural options for those days when she just has to be a princess. Check out this cute kit from Organic Beauty Now today!
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