Speed Up Your Shower Routine With Schick Intuition Razors Featuring Limited Edition Handles

When I hop into the shower, time is usually at a premium. If I’m lucky, I have about ten minutes to get ready for my day before my boys burst into the bathroom demanding some kind of attention. So a product that lets me get through my shower a little quicker is a win in my book.

Schick Intuition Limited Edition Le Fleur handleThe Schick Intuition razor was designed for busy moms like me. By surrounding the razor with a solid shave gel, women can lather and shave in one easy step. And just in time for summer fun, Schick is introducing two beautiful new limited edition Schick Intuition handles designed by top fashion blogger Kelly Framel: Le Fleur and Le Love! I received the Le Fleur razor to review and I couldn’t wait to streamline my shower routine.

The way this solid shaving bar surrounds the razor is really rather ingenious. My main concern was that after the first few uses the shaving bar would get worn away and leave just the razor touching my skin but that really doesn’t seem to happen. Because of the way the bar is angled, it stays level with the blades so that I always get the combination of moisturized skin and a close shave that I love. And shaving is so much quicker and easier since I’m able to eliminate the extra step of lathering my legs!

I did find that for delicate areas like underarms, the razor was a little awkward due to the extra size that the shave bar adds. I was still able to use it on my underarms but it wasn’t quite as quick or effective. With a bit of practice I’m sure I could have become comfortable with it but for the most part, I used my original smaller razor for my underarms and saved the Schick Intuition razor for my legs.
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I love how much time I save in the shower with the help of the Schick Intuition razor. I have to admit, in the past I sometimes just skipped shaving my legs when I showered to save the extra time it would take even though in the summer, that’s not really an option! But with the Schick Intuition razor in the beautiful new Le Fleur and Le Love limited edition handles, shaving doesn’t have to take up your entire shower time! Check out the new handle designs for yourself, pick your favourite and enjoy speedy shaving that leaves you with gorgeous gams!

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  1. Purchase a moisturizer that contains an SPF. That way it’s a one step deal and your skin is protected year round!

  2. If I need to be quick I can use a dry shampoo but usually it is just a quick wash of the face and some eye liner and go.

  3. Jaimee Mcallister

    Always brush your teeth, and if you dont have time for entire makeup routine, put on a little eyeshadow primer to make you look more awake

  4. I’m a wash and go type of person. Wash my face and slap on my lipstick is the extend of my beauty routine.

  5. if i need to get ready in a real hurry I wash my hair with the shower hose dry it, add mouse stick my hair up in a high messy bun when i get to work(or where ever I am going) I take the elastic out and my hair is perfectly tossled its one of my fav easy hair styles

  6. hahaha… i dont know beauty much, but here’s my best shot at a beauty tip:
    wash ur face each morning and brush ur teeth :D clean faces with clean breath/teeth always are attractive <3

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