Say Happy Birthday to Crocs With a Pair of Special Edition Crocskin Classic Clogs

Black-and-Black-Crocskin-ClassicBelieve it or not, the footwear that revolutionized fashion forever has been around for ten whole years now. That’s right; Crocs are celebrating their tenth birthday! If you’ve never been a fan of Crocs, you’re not alone. There have been plenty of people that look at the unattractive clogs with scorn. But once a person actually tries a pair of Crocs, they inevitably end up converted. The footwear is just so comfortable!

To celebrate Crocs’ tenth birthday, the company has released a pair of special edition Crocskin Classic Clogs; fun clogs with a faux crocodile skin pattern. I received a pair of these casual shoes that combined fun and comfort for myself and I was so excited. In basic black, these clogs are great for wearing around the house or for errand running around town. But the fun Crocskin pattern added an extra bit of flair to the footwear that made them a little more special.

Women-Cocoa-and-Cocoa-A-Leigh-Mini-Wedge-LeatherOf course, for those that just can’t bring themselves to wear a pair of the iconic rubber clogs, Crocs now has a great collection of ballet flats, golf shoes and even high heels that are undeniably stylish yet have the same comfortable feel that has made Crocs so popular. My personal favourite is the new line of wedge sandals; I would love to test out a pair of these cute cork and leather wedges and see if they really are as comfortable as they look!

If you’ve wondered about trying a pair of Crocs but haven’t yet taken the plunge, why not try a pair of the special edition Crocskin Classic Clogs and see for yourself why Crocs have taken the world by storm. It’s a great way to celebrate this special birthday!
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    1. Me too! The clogs are comfy, but I REALLY want to try some of the cute sandals and shoes. If they’re as comfy as the clogs, I’m going to be in shoe heaven!

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