Spark Your Little Girl’s Imagination with an O.O.T.W. Doll from Blip Toys

o.o.t.w astraHaving two little girly girls makes for a house with a lot of dolls!  My daughters are always excited about exploring new doll toys and that includes the “out of this world” O.O.T.W. doll we recently received from Blip Toys.

Blip Toys has recently debuted a new line of 5 collectible dolls each with her own unique feature.  The O.O.T.W. line will also include pets and other accessories for the dolls.  We received Astra, a musical girl that lights up with shining stars when she sings.  Some other features of the O.O.T.W. dolls are to giggle and even tell the future.  Each doll’s special feature is reflective of her individual personality which helps young girls to appreciate their own uniqueness.

My daughters both enjoyed some imaginative play with their new Astra doll.  They love singing so this doll was a great fit for them!  They would press her star button and bounce around the room with her singing to her music.  It is always nice to have toys that spark creative play, which is what the O.O.T.W. dolls are designed for. 

To learn more about the O.O.T.W. dolls and enjoy some fun games, jokes and other activities, check out the official O.O.T.W. website. And if you have a young girl that is a doll fanatic why not add to her collection with the O.O.T.W. doll that suits her personality best!
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