Carving a Watermelon Flower for the Kid-tastic Watermelon Blogger Challenge

Recently I was contacted by the National Watermelon Promotion Board and asked to participate in its first-ever kid-tastic Watermelon Blogger Challenge. The task was simple: create a watermelon recipe, a reproduction of one of the watermelon carvings on the site or an original watermelon carving for the chance to win a prize. I was so excited about submitting an entry, especially since I was able to enter more than once if I desired!

watermelon flower carving

I knew right away that I would be choosing to do some carving and while I am going to be creating an original watermelon carving for the contest, I decided to also reproduce one of the carvings on the site: the Watermelon Flower. The National Watermelon Promotion Board very generously sent me a watermelon carving kit containing aprons, an ice bucket, a watermelon knife, a cutting board and a watermelon to help me get started.

The process for creating this pretty flower centrepiece was very simple. I just cut off the bottom of the melon to make a flat base, drew the flower petal design on the melon, cut off the top third of the melon and then cut along the flower design to create two layers of petals. I decided to add a little extra flair to the carving by cutting the top third of the watermelon into another layer of flower petals as well. After that, it was lots of scooping and chopping of watermelon flesh. Finally, I layered the three petal-shaped rinds and filled the resulting bowl with watermelon chunks.

Watermelon Flower Collage

The finishing touch was the creation of three pretty flowers to decorate the top of the watermelon flower bowl. I used the white rind from the top third of the melon that I had removed to cut out the flower shapes and then placed watermelon circles on the centre of the flowers. Just like that, my watermelon flower creation was complete!

I had so much fun carving the melon and I can’t wait to create and share my custom carving next week. If you tend to stick to simply slicing and serving your watermelon, why not check out some of the tasty recipes and creative carvings at and try something a little different with your next melon? It’s a great way to make one of summer’s sweetest treats even sweeter!
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34 thoughts on “Carving a Watermelon Flower for the Kid-tastic Watermelon Blogger Challenge”

  1. For some reason it seems really funny to me that they sent you a watermelon. lol! I am wowed and very impressed with your mad carving skills. Great job!

    1. Bwa ha! You know, Pam, I totally expected a coupon for a free watermelon; there IS something funny about having a watermelon shipped to your door! ;) Thanks so much!

  2. Ummm, amazing! I can’t wait to see your original entry! I’ve passed this along to my wife as it might be something fun for her day care to do as a project. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Chris! This was fun but I’m going to do an actual carving for my original entry; like a jack-o-lantern but with a watermelon. I may not look it, but I’m actually a master pumpkin carver! ;) That’s true, it would make a fun day care project. Just be prepared for a LOT of sticky kids after!

    1. It’s actually pretty easy; cutting the petal shapes took the longest but it was really only a few extra minutes. What surprised me was how messy it was; all that juice makes for some sticky carving! ;)

  3. TOO much fun! I pinned it :)

    You can do so many fun things with a watermelon, in fact, I carved one into a Baby Carriage for my sister’s baby shower – have yet to post about it, but I will try to remember to link up to your post when I do!

    1. Oh you’ll have to come share that post for sure, Amanda! I’ve always wanted to make one of those baby carriages, but I’ve never had an excuse; I need a baby shower to plan! LOL

  4. Beautiful!! That’s genius! I’m so amazed at these watermelon carvings I’m seeing and think they’re such a great idea! Good luck in the contest :)

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