Enjoy a Family Night Out at the Movies for Free with Scotiabank and SCENE

Going to the movie theatre has been one of the most popular activities for couples and families for decades. I always get excited about the chance to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the big screen and my boys enjoy it just as much. But even though we all have a great time at the movies, we really don’t go that often. It’s just so expensive!

scene cardsNow, SCENE is coming to the rescue! SCENE is Scotiabank’s movie rewards program that lets members earn points that can be used for free movie admissions, concession treats, DVD purchases and much more. And now members can enjoy that special night out even sooner with the SCENE ScotiaCard debit card and SCENE VISA card from Scotiabank.

The program is simple. For every $5 you spend using your SCENE ScotiaCard debit card or $1 you spend using your SCENE VISA card, you receive 1 SCENE point. When you reach 1000 points, you can get an adult admission to your favourite movie at any Cineplex theatre in Canada absolutely free! I recently received enough SCENE points to treat my family to a movie with popcorn and drinks and I couldn’t wait to head to the movies without having to budget the expense weeks in advance!

We decided, after a bit of deliberation, that we wanted to see Ice Age: Continental Drift. I loved being able to pay with SCENE points right in the theatre by providing the temporary card I had received until my regular card arrived by mail. I also loved that by using my SCENE card, I didn’t just earn points towards free movies but also saved 10% off concession purchases and Tuesday movie tickets!

Getting your SCENE membership is absolutely free and you’ll even get 250 SCENE points for signing up. You don’t have to be a Scotiabank member to sign up for a SCENE membership card or earn SCENE points but if you are, you may get to enjoy that night out a lot sooner! With 5500 points, my whole family was able to redeem some of the great “Night Out” reward options to receive admission to the movie, Kids Combos at the concession stand and drinks and popcorn for the adults. Use your SCENE ScotiaCard debit card or SCENE VISA card for your everyday purchases and you can easily earn enough points to see free movies every month!

scene adult night out packageYou can sign up for a SCENE ScotiaCard debit card or SCENE VISA at your local Scotiabank branch or online. You’ll get 4000 SCENE points for signing up for either card. That means if you sign up for both, you’ll receive enough points for eight free movie tickets! And existing Scotiabank clients can switch to a SCENE ScotiaCard debit card too. (Please note that the 4000 SCENE points offer is available to new customers only.)

Spending time together as a family is something that is so beneficial but parents just don’t have unlimited money to spend at the movie theatre. A SCENE membership and the SCENE ScotiaCard debit card or SCENE VISA card lets families everywhere enjoy the fun of a night out without the expense. So check it out for yourself and get ready to treat your family to free movie night fun with Scotiabank and SCENE rewards!

132 thoughts on “Enjoy a Family Night Out at the Movies for Free with Scotiabank and SCENE”

  1. At this point, nothing is grabbing my attention. I haven’t been in years, but if a great kid movie came out which I’m sure one will before Christmas I’d love to take my daughter.

  2. i have no idea what movie i would want to see because it has been years since i went to a movie. however if i won i would like to take my grandchildren to a movie with me. thanks and wish me luck :)

  3. I know it is still a few months away but want to see the new twilight movie as my teenage daughter got me hooked on it lol

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