Turn Camping into Glamping with the Instant Tent 8 and Other Amazing New Products from Coleman Canada

Do you love the great outdoors but want to be able to enjoy it without having to use bushes as a washroom and fire as an oven? You need to try “glamping!”

Glam camping is taking North America by storm and if you want to kick your camping up to a new luxurious level, Coleman Canada has just the products you need to do it! Here are Coleman’s top three tips for turning camping into a glamorous experience:

  1. Ambiance is key: Amplify the nature experience with a few items from home like flowers, bedside lighting, tablecloths and linen napkins. You should also bring along a cozy portable chair, a small rug and a tented shade for the ultimate outdoor Zen zone.
  2. Eat like royalty: Don’t let your dinner suffer just because you’re roughin’ it! Thanks to a little bit of preparation and some great new portable appliances, you can enjoy your gourmet goodies just as you would at home. Take it up a notch and bring along some posh snacks like cheese and crackers and a nice bottle of wine to really wow your campsite guests … and taste buds.
  3. Deck out your tent: Turn your tent into an outdoor oasis to truly unwind on your glamping retreat. From a collapsible nightstand to host your iPod dock, to those 900-tread count sheets that sooth you to sleep – this is sure to be your classiest camping trip yet.
coleman instant tent 8

We head out camping every summer and to make our experience more luxurious this year, Coleman sent us the fabulous new Coleman Instant Tent 8.

Remember those days of juggling tent poles, forcing them through the tent’s fabric and desperately trying to get the rain cover fitted on properly…all just so you could sleep crushed together on the hard ground? Those days are no more with this fantastic eight-person tent!

The Coleman Instant Tent 8 has a suggested retail price of $299. It goes from the storage bag to the campsite in just a minute or two and can be taken down just as quickly.

When assembled, it stands more than six feet high so that even Mom and Dad can walk around inside without hitting their heads. It doesn’t require a rain cover. And it even has an optional room divider so that you can use one half of the tent for sleeping and the other half as a living-room area.

Finding it hard to believe it can be assembled so quickly? See for yourself just how easy the assembly process is!

The Coleman Instant Tent 8 made our camping experience a lot more enjoyable; the boys loved using the tent as a play area when they wanted to spend time on their own without the rest of the family.

And I loved the high vertical walls that helped make the tent feel so roomy. We even put a pair of camping chairs inside one of the rooms and used it as a sitting area when the bugs were bad!

CPX 4.5 Mini Lantern

Coleman has tons of other amazing products to let you enjoy a proper glamping experience; one of my other favourites is the Coleman CPX 4.5 Mini Lantern.

We actually have one of these handy lanterns and it really is a camping essential whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or a confirmed city slicker. It features lifelong LEDs, a colour-changing battery metre and is both impact and water-resistant.

And with its small size and bright light, it’s perfect for everything from backpacking to lighting up the picnic table at the campsite!

I really love the way that camping has become such a comfortable and enjoyable experience thanks to a bit of planning and amazing new items from Coleman.

If you’re heading out on a family camping adventure, check out the range of products for yourself and see how they can make your trip a little more luxurious. With some help from Coleman, a night in the great outdoors can be even better than a hotel stay!

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