Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy with All Natural Bona Dea Fertility Tonic-Giveaway

It sounds so easy at first. That moment when you and your husband make that momentous decision and tell your friends and family, “We’ve decided to have a baby.” For some, everything goes smoothly and less than a year later a new mom is cradling her precious newborn in her arms. But for others, the decision is followed by month after month of disappointment and sometimes, even more tragically, a few brief moments of joy followed by the agony of a sudden miscarriage.

bona dea fertility tonicI’ve been lucky enough not to have to suffer that pain myself, but I know many women that aren’t so lucky. Reports estimate that at least one in seven women struggle with fertility and that’s only counting the women that seek help from a medical professional. Three of my close friends have had issues with fertility. My sister-in-law had problems conceiving when trying for a second child and finally succeeded only to suffer a miscarriage a few months later. These are women I care about and it breaks my heart to think of the agony that they must have gone through at times.

So when I heard about Bona Dea, a natural tonic that promotes reproductive health, I instantly thought of my friends and family members that could benefit from this product. Bona Dea is made with Rubus Ideaus, a safe and gentle natural herb that helps to give tone to the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus. Many women have successfully conceived a child after starting to take Bona Dea and while, as in life, there are no guarantees, ensuring that the reproductive system is as healthy as possible is an important step for the greatest chance of conceiving.

What really impressed me about this product is the passion of the people behind it. The founder and his wife were trying for their third child and after fertility treatments and careful monitoring, they finally succeeded only to face the pain of a miscarriage shortly after. A friend told them about her experience with Bona Dea. She had underwent seven rounds of artificial insemination before getting pregnant and then lost her baby four months into the pregnancy. Four months later she started taking Bona Dea and she now has a beautiful two-year-old daughter. The couple decided to give Bona Dea a try and now, after five months of taking Bona Dea, they are awaiting the arrival of their much-anticipated third child. They were so impressed that they purchased the formula from the doctor that had created it and started the Bona Dea company to help assist other women trying to conceive.

bona dea logoHearing stories like this just warms my heart and there are plenty more of them on the Bona Dea website. The fact that this is an all-natural product is an added bonus. And if you want to give Bona Dea a try, you’re in luck because the company is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers a two-month supply (two bottles) of Bona Dea Fertility Tonic, a $100 value! To enter to win, just visit the Bona Dea website and leave a blog comment about something you liked or something you learned there.

If you or someone you love is trying to get pregnant, this is a product that you should definitely be checking out. Even if you don’t have fertility issues, increased tone of the pelvic region is beneficial for all women and Bona Dea has also been found to sometimes minimize cramping and heavy flow during menstruation. So take a look at the website and learn more about this natural tonic that can help prepare your body for the wonderful and strenuous job of carrying a child.
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34 thoughts on “Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy with All Natural Bona Dea Fertility Tonic-Giveaway”

  1. I learned that Bona Dea is a herb that is made from Rubus Ideaus and it helps give tone to the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus itself. Very interesting.

  2. I learned that Rubus Ideas (Latin for Red Raspberry) is the main ingredient in Bona Dea. However, it is NOT the fruit itself which is known to bring the benefits of the cane or stem of the raspberry plant.

  3. One of the “side effects” is Reduced Cramping (okay and it also has been known to increase the chance of twins!)

  4. I read that it took the writers of the article over 2 years of trying before they tried this product, followed by success. There are so many stories like that. WOW.

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