Welcome Fall with the New SpongeBob Squarepants: Ghoul Fools DVD

Today, Nickelodeon wants to get you in the mood for fall fun with its newest DVD release from the hilarious talking sponge, SpongeBob Squarepants: Ghouls Fools! This DVD is the spookiest collection of silliness from SpongeBob that you’ve ever seen and it will be sure to have your kids eagerly awaiting cooler days! Here’s a brief synopsis:

spongebob squarepants ghouls fools box artTake a hauntingly hilarious dive into Bikini Bottom and sing along to some ghostly good tunes from the double-length episode, Ghoul Fools! Plus, go on a treasure hunt, learn to tie a whole boatload of nifty knots, and board the ship of the most inept ghost ever to try and haunt the Seven Seas, the Flying Dutchman himself. It’s a collection of episodes so good, it’s scary!

My boys have both gone a little nuts over SpongeBob Squarepants this summer. They started watching this DVD a few weeks ago and they haven’t really stopped since! The disc contains seven episodes including the double-length title episode, with most featuring Bikini Bottom’s most notorious ghost: The Flying Dutchman. Of course, even though he’s a frightening spectre, that’s not enough to keep Mr. Krabs from coveting the spirit’s fabulous treasure!

Zackary and Benjamin will literally watch this DVD over and over if they’re allowed and when they’re done, I often hear them acting out little scenes from the episodes in their games afterwards. If you’re looking for a DVD that will provide SpongeBob fans with hours of entertainment, check out SpongeBob Squarepants: Ghouls Fools! It’s spooky good fun, SpongeBob style!
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