Walk Safely at Night with Brightfeet Lighted Slippers from BunnySlippers.com

There’s nothing I love more than a good pair of slippers. While I usually put my slippers away during the summer months, already the air is getting crisp and the mornings are getting chilly here in Saskatchewan.

And that means it’s time to pull out my slippers once more and ensure that my toes are toasty in any weather.

brightfeet-lighted-slippers-navy-5-lgOur family has a pretty extensive collection of slippers: memory foam slippers, bunny slippers, slippers featuring Mater from Cars…but when BunnySlippers.com contacted me about reviewing its new Brightfeet Lighted Slippers, I couldn’t resist the chance to check them out.

These unique slippers feature powerful LED lights embedded at the toes to make walking through a dark house a little safer.

My husband has back issues that make slips or missteps a little more dangerous, so I decided to get the slippers for him.

Now I have to admit, one concern I had about these slippers was that the light would be shining even when the slippers were worn during the day.

Fortunately, the Brightfeet Lighted Slippers were one step ahead of me; they featured a light sensor on the side that automatically activated the light at the toes only when the area was dark.

The lights switched on when pressure was applied on the sole and remain lit for about two seconds after, so when walking the light was steady and quite bright. And the slippers illuminate up to 25 feet in front of the wearer!

Even if my husband hadn’t sometimes stumbled in the night before, he would have loved these slippers. They are a sure to be a hit with any gadget-loving guy.

I think the light sensors impressed my husband the most; at first he thought they weren’t working right since the lights didn’t turn on when he walked. But as soon as he tried them in the dark, he realized just how clever the design truly was.

Over the next few days, he had a great time experimenting with the slippers by turning them towards a light source and then turning away to test the speed at which the lights activated. And best of all, he said they were comfortable too!

These slippers are a fun gift for men or women and while they are very cool, they’re useful too! If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and tripped over toys on the floor trying to get to another room, these are the slippers for you.

Check them out for yourself and feel safe when you walk through the house at night!

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  1. Well there are lots of cool slippers available on the site and the grizzly paw slippers especially caught my eye, I have to say the ones I want the most are the lighted slippers. Microwaveable ones would be very cool … I mean warm! … too.

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