Find Your Favourite Jeans and Dress Them Up Perfectly at Warehouse One

While I love cute dresses and fun skirts, my absolute favourite item of clothing for everyday wear is still a great pair of jeans. Finding a great pair of jeans, though, isn’t always easy. I am picky about what makes jeans great and often a shopping trip ends in disappointment when I fail to discover exactly what I’m looking for.

warehouse one logoSo when Warehouse One gave me the chance to check out its amazing selection of clothing, I leaped at the chance. After all, the company is known as “The Jean Store” so I knew that I would have a pretty good chance of finding a great pair of jeans inside.

I headed to the newly-opened store in the southern end of Regina. As soon as I walked through the door and saw the wall of neatly folded jeans and the trendy styles on display, I was in heaven. But it was after the saleswoman walked over that I really understood what made Warehouse One so special.

“I want jeans for sure,” I told her. “But I’m not sure exactly what kind.” Immediately she started asking me about style, cut, wash and size and before I knew it, I was in the dressing room with a dark wash and medium wash pair of boot cut jeans in a size 31. Both were incredibly close to being perfect; in fact, the only thing that wasn’t ideal about them was the size. Lucky me; I needed a smaller pair of jeans than I had thought!

The saleswoman was only too happy to oblige and I was soon happily sporting a pair of size 29 jeans along with a gorgeous black and white tank top. After a little more deliberation, I decided to also buy the medium wash jeans with a fun stretchy purple bunnyhug featuring a cute rhinestone design. I love the fact that in addition to jeans, Warehouse One had a fabulous assortment of tops ranging from trendy casual tees to dressy tanks and blouses. And I adored the great collection of cozy and stylish fall and winter sweaters!

new warehouse one jeans and tops
Whether I want to dress up with the fancy black and white tank top or go casual with the cute purple bunnyhug, I can be happy that I have jeans that fit just the way I want them to!

But what I loved most about Warehouse One was the service. Instead of having to endure a frustrating search for the right pair of jeans, a few quick questions had me in the dressing room with jeans that were every bit as perfect as I could have wished. And for those that find shopping online more convenient, Warehouse One now offers its sensational jeans and other great clothing through its online boutique website as well!

Whether you like to dress your jeans up or go comfy casual, Warehouse One has tons of great tops, outerwear and accessories to help you complete your look. Stop by your nearest Warehouse One or check out the online boutique and decide on your perfect denim and everything to go with it!

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  1. I love everything about Warehouse One! Most of my jeans are from there! :) They are the one of the most comfortable jeans I have ever wore! And the price is great too!

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