Escaping for the Day with Ford Canada and the 2013 Ford Escape

About a month ago, I had the chance to attend the Ford Escape for the Day event as part of the Escape’s nationwide tour, so my sister and I headed to the Sheraton Cavalier hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to learn about the 2013 Ford Escape and spend the day enjoying some fun activities.

The event started with a drive to the Western Development Museum, where we got the chance to drive through a closed course and see firsthand the way Ford is using the latest technology to make driving as safe as it can be.

Driving on the closed course was really something else. From swerving around pylons to a brake test to sudden obstacle avoidance, the way we were told to drive the cars through the course was nothing like everyday driving.

“Put the pedal to the floor and don’t let up until it’s time to slam on the brakes,” I was told, and the fun-loving daredevil in me came out full force as I sped through the course with my slightly frightened sister beside me.

ford escape for the day event saskatoon
Ready to hop into the 2013 Ford Escape with my sister and start our adventure! In my opinion, we got the hottest car of the bunch; I LOVE that colour!

But while driving through the course was tons of fun, what was really amazing about it was seeing the way that the technology in the Ford Escape made driving safer in everyday situations.

The 2013 Escape has an Intelligent 4WD System that monitors traction and cornering conditions every 16 milliseconds and automatically adjusts torque distribution where needed, which meant the handling of the vehicle was fantastic on the course but also meant safer driving every day.

And the AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control), featuring Curve Control was simply revolutionary. It actually brakes the car for you if you’re going too fast in a turn.

Speeding down a stretch of track as fast as possible and doing a hard swerve while feeling the vehicle slow itself down as you do is really an incredibly experience.

And while it was a lot of fun to drive with the Escape on the closed course, I also appreciated the fact that the advanced features made everyday driving as safe as possible.

Of course, while safety is a top priority for a Canadian family, convenience is a big requirement for many people too, which is why the 2013 Ford Escape features Active Park Assist and the new Hands Free Lift Gate as well.

As a driver that doesn’t enjoy parallel parking in the slightest, I fell in love with the Active Park Assist feature. With just the push of a button and by operating the gas and brake, I could perform a perfect parallel park every single time as the Escape steered itself right into the available space.

ford closed course
The closed course was hands-down my favourite event of the day. Getting the chance to really push the Escape’s limits and see what it could do was so much fun!

And I had a blast testing out the Hands Free Lift Gate in a speed competition. By kicking under the back of the vehicle, sensors detect the movement and open the back hatch. Another kick closes the hatch again. But the best part is that the hatch won’t open unless the key is within a few feet of the back of the vehicle.

So if you’re trying to win a competition, “forgetting” to give the next team the key is a good way to ensure your own team a spot in the finals…

After that we had some fun in and around Saskatoon both testing out the comfort and drivability of the cars and enjoying some different activities including tepee building and bow drilling.

Then it was back to the Sheraton for a scrumptious supper and my very first experience with a mashed potato martini bar. Yes, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Ford Escape Collage
The whole day was a blast, but I do regret the fact I forgot to take a picture of my mashed potato martini!

And then with a ton of memories and a keepsake model 2013 Ford Escape, my sister and I headed for home. But while the day had been a lot of fun, it had also given me a lot of appreciation for the huge amount of thought and care that had gone into the design of the new 2013 Ford Escape.

Ford Canada made very sure that they knew exactly what Canadians wanted from a vehicle and then used the latest technology and an ingenious design to give it to them.

And to make sure that the earth could appreciate the Escape too, the vehicle even features innovative green features including carpets produced from recycled plastic bottles and seat cushions made using soybeans.

I had a great time escaping for the day with Ford and I highly recommend taking the 2013 Escape for a test drive and trying its new features for yourself. This is one car that combines safety, technology, convenience and fun in a way that you’re sure to love!

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  1. sounds like an awesome day and an awesome car, but I am slightly disappointed in not seeing mash potato martini! I want to hear all about it when I see you next! lol

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