Little Kids Can Feel Big with the Playtex Coolster Tumbler Cup-Giveaway

It feels like my babies are becoming big boys in the blink of an eye. The days of bottles and diapers are over and we’re moving into the days of packed lunches and extra-curricular activities instead. But even for my big boys, Playtex Mommyville has products that make life fun for them and easier for me.

playtex coolster tumbler cupOne of my personal favourites of the products that are appropriate for toddlers and playschool-aged children is the Playtex Coolster Tumbler Cup. This cup is something that any mom with a spill-happy child will enjoy: an insulated travel cup that features a grown-up tip-and-drink lid that’s also spill-proof! We received one of the cups to review and I could see at a glance that it would be perfect for those days when Zackary wanted to take a drink on a car ride.

With a shape that’s reminiscent of an adult travel coffee mug, this cup is designed for the big kid that wants to act like a grown-up, but still occasionally falls victim to sudden clumsiness. Zackary loved it at first glance and immediately made it his own by sticking one of his personal vinyl labels on the side.

While he liked being able to sip out of the spoutless cup like an adult, I appreciated the fact that when the cup was inevitably knocked on the floor of the vehicle, not one drop of liquid was lost. And the cup was the perfect size for Zackary’s small hands to grasp too!

I really fell in love with how convenient the Playtex Coolster Tumbler Cup was for my son and the way that it let him feel mature without risking a mess. If you have little ones that can’t wait to be big, this is a cup that you should have! Check it out for yourself and enjoy mess-free travel with your kids!
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  1. Just the fact that they have an informative and interesting site for new moms is interesting. Wish we had something like this in my day! LOL.

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