Fill Your House with Fragrance this Christmas with Scentsy

There’s really no one moment or memory that stands out to me about the Christmas season. My affection for the holiday is a combination of tastes, sights and smells all combining to inspire the feeling of Christmas.

That’s why I was so excited when I got the chance to review some very special holiday products from Scentsy.

scentsy tilia warmerI have used the Scentsy warmers and scent bars before and I love the fact that they fill my house with great aromas just like a scented candle does without the risk of having a lit candle in the house.

I received the Tilia Warmer and Frosted Ginger Cookie Scent Bar to review and I just had to set it up as soon as I received it.

What I really loved about this warmer was the way that the silhouette design on the front stood out when the warmer was turned on.

The warmers provide such a great ambiance with their combination of light and aroma.

And the Frosted Ginger Cookie scent was deliciously festive and really made the whole house smell like I had just whipped up a big batch of gingerbread cookies!

Frosted-Ginger-Cookie-Scentsy-BarFor a gift the whole family can enjoy, Scentsy has a wide array of festive scents ranging from Pumpkin Roll to Festival of Trees and warmers that will add beauty to your home for years to come.

Take a look for yourself and give a gift that will add Christmas spirit to any area of your home!
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  1. I havent tried any of them but I love anything with a cookie or sweet smell at christmas or fruity smell other times of the year.. :D I would LOVE This…

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