Beat the Clock and Play as a Team with Volcano Island Coundown

My boys love to play board games but often, it’s hard for me to find games that are easy enough for my boys to play and still entertaining for me.

Fortunately, Spin Master Games knows games well enough to be able to create one that’s fun for kids and adults, so when the company gave me the chance to review its newest game, Volcano Island Countdown, I couldn’t wait.

volcano island countdownThe first thing that appealed to me about this game was that it was a cooperative game rather than a competitive one.

My boys have issues with competitiveness that can often lead to disaster when playing a regular board game. I was happy that wouldn’t be an issue with Volcano Island Countdown.

Zackary was immediately captivated by the fact that the game involved a volcano. My oldest son has quite a scientific mind and as a result, has a fascination with many natural wonders including volcanoes.

He was thrilled to have the chance to play a game involving one, especially when he learned that the volcano would explode if we didn’t win the game quickly enough!

We sat down to play the game together. The game is designed for ages eight and up but since there is no reading involved, Zackary had no problem playing the game with me.

Both boys enjoyed the lights and music from the volcano as we moved across the board collecting tools in our quest to return four Guardian Totems to their shrines.

The game was made even more exciting by the evil red Tiki that chased us around the board. We didn’t win the game, but the boys enjoyed the volcano exploding so much that neither one really minded!

volcano island coundown board

We all had a great time playing this game and I really liked that it had a maximum play time of thirty minutes. The game was quick and exciting so that it kept my boys’ attention but challenging enough that I  enjoyed it too.

Update: Volcano Island Countdown is no longer available in stores, but can often be found on, so find a copy there, and get ready to race against the clock and enjoy some cooperative fun with your family!

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