Even Skin Tone and Brighten Age Spots and Dark Circles with Vichy ProEVEN Skin Care

In my teens I had pretty mild acne but as an adult, I find that I seem to battle breakouts more rather than less. And since my skin doesn’t recover as quickly as it did when I was a teenager, I sometimes end up with age spots and acne scars that take months, if not years, to fade. So when I received a package containing two of the products from the newest additions to the Vichy ProEVEN line, I was thrilled. I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie so I’m always excited to try a new item. But this line was especially exciting to me as it was designed specifically to reduce the appearance of dark spots and even skin tone.

vichy proeven brightening cleansing foamI received the ProEVEN Brightening Cleansing Foam and the ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector to review and I started using both products immediately. The Brightening Cleaning Foam was something that I was a little hesitant about, as some cleaners are too rich for my skin causing breakouts and others are too abrasive leaving my skin tight and dry. The Brightening Cleansing Foam uses LHA to gently remove dead skin cells revealing younger and more even skin. And the Vitamin C in the cleanser leaves skin looking immediately brighter too!

I found that the cleanser left my skin feeling slightly tight as if it was a cleanser and a toner in one. But I was amazed by how gentle it was on my face. My skin felt better and was less prone to breakouts after only a few days of use and after a few weeks, I had a noticeable difference in the evenness of my skin tone.

I was even more excited about using the ProEVEN Daily Eye Corrector, partly because running my blog leads to a lot of late nights and partly because I have a small red acne scar under one of my eyes that I am always trying to lighten. I had high hopes that the product would help lighten not just the dark circles under my eyes but the scar as well.

vichy proeven daily eye correctorOne of the things that makes the Daily Eye Corrector so unique is that it contains a blend of ingredients designed to treat four different causes of undereye circles. Caffeine and Vitamin B3 deal with the puffiness caused by nasal congestion and inflammation, LHA gently exfoliates to remove dark dead skin cells and Vitamin C and Ceramide Bright brighten overall skin tone.

As with the Brightening Cleansing Foam, I noticed that I had a more awake look almost immediately after using the Daily Eye Corrector because of the brightening effects of the Vitamin C. But it was after a few weeks that I noticed the skin under my eyes seemed noticeably lighter all day long. And the small red scar under my eye was less noticeable too!

The full Vichy ProEVEN line also includes a moisturizing BB Cream and the best-selling Daily Dark Spot Corrector so that women can brighten their overall skin tone even more and spot-treat age spots and acne scars. I’ve found the line to be impressive enough that I’m planning on buying the Daily Dark Spot Corrector to treat some of the age spots and acne scars I have on other areas of my face. And what I appreciate most is that the products were gentle and didn’t cause me to break out as so many products do. Check out Vichy ProEVEN and try the line that is designed to effectively even skin tone in as little as four weeks.
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    1. They do, but with any product of this variety, consistency is very important. You just don’t get results unless you’re using it twice a day every day for four weeks as directed.

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