Sharing the New LEGO DUPLO Toddler Toys at a LEGO DUPLO Party!

I love being a LEGO DUPLO Play Ambassador not just because my boys love LEGO but also because I get to be the first to learn about all the newest products available for children.

Recently, LEGO DUPLO released a line of Toddler building sets and not only did I get to be one of the first to learn about them, I even had the chance to share the products with friends at a LEGO DUPLO party!

The new line of toys includes a Toddler Starter Building Set, Toddler Build and Pull Along set and Toddler Build and Play Cubes set perfect for combining fun and learning for little ones that are experiencing LEGO DUPLO for the first time.

I received one of each of the new toys, a Brick Box and two Bricks and Books sets along with a fabulous party kit full of activities and games to help make my get-together unforgettable.

And since the LEGO brick recently celebrated its 55th Birthday, I decided to have my party then. What better day could there be to share new LEGO DUPLO products with others?

kids eating at lego duplo party

My youngest son is in playschool and his classmates are the perfect age for LEGO DUPLO, so I asked Mrs. C, Benjamin’s beloved playschool teacher, if I could bring all my goodies to one of my son’s classes and have the party right at the playschool.

After all, that way I could be sure of all Benjamin’s friends being there! The teacher agreed and so I loaded up the party supplies and headed to the school.

lego duplo rice krispie treats

We started out with kid-friendly treats including fruit, juice and LEGO-inspired Rice Krispie treats. The kids gobbled down their food and were soon fuelled up and ready for fun. our next activity? Colouring and matching games with the crayons and activity sheets that had been sent to me in my special party kit!

girl colouring lego duplo party

kids colouring lego duplo party

When the kids had finished their colouring fun, it was time for a new twist on an old classic: Pin the Chick in the Farm!

The kids had a great time sticking the chick stickers in funny places on the poster and laughed so hard when the chicks ended up on the noses or backs of the other farm animals. And then it was time for LEGO DUPLO!

benjamin playing pin the chick in the farm

kids playing pin the chick in the farn

My boys have quite a bit of LEGO DUPLO at home so I decided to give away all the products that we’d received in the party kit. We sat down and played a game of spin the bottle as I passed out Bricks and Books sets, Toddler Build and Pull sets and more to the kids.

Seeing the little faces light up as each child received a brand new LEGO DUPLO set to take home was completely priceless and I left the biggest set at the playschool so that the kids in the three other playschool classes could enjoy some LEGO DUPLO fun too!

kids with new lego duplo toddler toys

I am so grateful to LEGO DUPLO for giving me the chance to share its new products with so many children and I can’t wait to see what other innovations the company has in store for the future.

After all, no matter if my boys are carefully constructing the characters from a Bricks and Books set or just letting their imaginations run wild with our large tub of bricks, they always have fun when they’re building with LEGO DUPLO!

Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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