Get Kids Thinking About Climate Change with a Fun Craft and Other Tips from Coca-Cola #EveryActionMatters

Last year I shared the exciting news that Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Federation were partnering to support the Arctic Home program, which is dedicated to raising awareness for the conservation of the polar bears and the Arctic North that makes up their habitat.

diy painted polar bear bank

The program has been a phenomenal success so far and now Coca-Cola wants to make sure that the next generation is raised with a passion for protecting the environment that will ensure the future of the polar bears for years to come.

painting polar bear banks

Coca-Cola recently sent me a polar bear bank craft kit for my boys so that we could spend some family time together and start a discussion about protecting the polar bears’ habitat in small ways. My boys had a great time turning their snow-white bears into rainbow creations.

boys painting polar bear banks

While they had tons of fun decorating their banks, the craft also gave us the chance to talk about how the polar bears might vanish from the world one day. And that sparked some great talk about little things we can do to lower our impact on the environment. Coca-Cola has some other ideas for ways to get your children involved in making your actions count!

  • Host an Every Action Matters party – Invite family and friends to a polar bear-themed potluck! Ask the kids to share their thoughts and feelings about the polar bear and the Arctic, talk about what we can do at home to help conserve their habitat and collect donations. Don’t forget to spread the word via social media using the hashtag #EveryActionMatters!
  • Pledge support – Make a simple pledge to support a future for polar bears or donate to WWF at And if you plan to make a Coca-Cola purchase, choose a specially marked 12-pack and Coca-Cola will donate 5% of the proceeds to WWF polar bear conservation efforts, up to $235,000!
  • Fact sharing – Did you know that 60% of the world’s polar bears live in Canada? And the Last Ice Area located in the high North could cover close to 1.4 million square kilometres – or twice the size of Manitoba? These are just some of the interesting facts that make pique interest and get the conversation about polar bears and their habitat started. Find more stats and facts on the Coca-Cola Arctic Home website.

boys polar bear bank

When the boys finished their banks, we had two beautiful polar bears to decorate their rooms and had started to think about all the different ways a small action can make a big difference over time. Try some of these tips for yourself and get your kids involved in protecting our environment for future generations!
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