Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothies are a Handy and Healthy Snack for Kids

earths best greek yogurt smoothieI love Greek Yogurt but I have to admit that I thought its current popularity was due solely to its thick and creamy texture. I was surprised to learn that Greek Yogurt actually has almost double the protein, more nutrients and half the sodium of regular yogurt, which means its appeal goes far beyond that great taste and texture!

Earth’s Best first introduced its Greek Yogurt Smoothies a few months ago and my boys have been fans of the snack ever since. A blend of real organic fruit, Greek Yogurt and whey, these smoothies are the perfect filling and nutritious snack for any time of day. And since they’re shelf-stable and packaged in a handy on-the-go pouch, they’re perfect for lunchboxes and road trips too!

Best of all, my boys are getting 15% of their daily calcium and 20% of their daily Vitamin D in each pouch with a taste that they both love. Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothies are available now in Apple, Banana and Cherry varieties, so grab a few today and see what your child thinks of this creamy and healthy new snack from Earth’s Best!
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2 thoughts on “Earth’s Best Greek Yogurt Smoothies are a Handy and Healthy Snack for Kids”

  1. OMG. One of my twins is a huge Yogurt fan and can go through about 4 servings a day. With these, he might just surpass that! I need to find somewhere local that carries these

    1. They are SO good, Chris! I have one yogurt lover and one fruit puree lover so these are like heaven to me. I do wish Earth’s Best was easier to find in Canada though!

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