GoodNites Bed Mats Help Children and Parents Both Sleep Soundly

When I was a child, bedwetting was something I had issues with for quite some time. I slept so soundly that I just didn’t wake up if I needed to go to the washroom and even for the first few years of grade school I had occasional accidents. I remember once being invited on vacation with my babysitter, who was like a second mother to me, and being told that I wasn’t allowed to go because my mom didn’t want my sitter dealing with a possible accident. I still remember how hurt I was when that happened.

goodnites disposable bed matsThe advantage of having that experience as a child is that I am incredibly patient with my boys if they happen to have an accident at night. Zackary has really never had a problem with bedwetting but Benjamin has accidents every once in a while, especially if he’s in a strange place or has had any upheaval to his usual daily routine. That’s why I absolutely loved the idea behind GoodNites Bed Mats. I only wish there had been products like this when I was a child!

These clever disposable mats are perfect for children that have sporadic issues with bedwetting and are especially handy for travelling. The mats feature an adhesive strip around the edge so that a mat can be affixed to a mattress in just the right spot. Recently GoodNites sent me a bedroom makeover kit packed with fun accessories for Benjamin’s room and a package of GoodNites Bed Mats to review. While we had a great time setting up a constellation light, glowing sand art and mini nightlights in his room, it was the Bed Mats that I was most excited to test out.

goodnites bed mats confidence booster kit

I put one of the mats in place on the bed over the sheet. At first I wasn’t sure if the mats were meant to go on top or underneath the sheet but after thinking about it, I don’t think it especially matters either way. The advantage of the GoodNites Bed Mats is that they keep the mattress clean and dry in case of an accident, so they can be placed under a sheet at home or on top of a sheet when on vacation or visiting others.

For my first test of the Bed Mat, I left it on top of the sheet. Benjamin felt the difference at first and asked about the mat. I explained it was there to make sure the bed stayed dry just in case he had an accident and he accepted it without any fuss. As luck had it, our routine was quite normal and we didn’t do any travelling, so we didn’t have any accidents to deal with. But even on top of the sheet, the Bed Mat stayed in place for about a week and after peeling it off and replacing it with a new one, the fresh Bed Mat is still perfectly positioned weeks later!

goodnites bed mats in use

Given my experiences as a child, it’s no wonder that I’m passionate about the need for this product, but I’m not the only one! In fact, recently awarded GoodNites Bed Mats their coveted 2013 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation Product of the Year award in the Children’s Products category!

It really makes me happy that GoodNites created a product that is so perfect for occasionally bedwetting so that children can feel confident at bedtime and not have to miss out on important or exciting events in their lives. If you have a child that has an accident every now and again, this is one product that will have you and your child both feeling better at bedtime!
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5 thoughts on “GoodNites Bed Mats Help Children and Parents Both Sleep Soundly”

  1. I have been looking for these for months. I’ve seen the commercials, they just don’t supply them in my small town stores, not even Walmart. I’d love to have some on hand.

    1. Oh that’s so frustrating! They are great to have on hand and our (very) small town doesn’t have them either, so I make sure I stock up if I’m running low and see them. Annoying when you find a product that’s awesome for your family and you can’t find it!

    1. Isn’t that strange how different kids seem to have issues with that? Benjamin has way more problems lasting all night than Zackary did. I’m really liking these Bed Mats because I don’t want my big kid back in diapers, kwim? And the fact that if he stays dry, I can use the same mat for a long time is AWESOME.

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