Get Your Kids Drinking More Milk with Milk Unleashed Shelf Safe Milk

It’s a moment every mom has experienced. That jug of milk that you were sure was half-full last night is suddenly empty and the kids are waiting for their breakfast.

My boys go through a lot of milk and so I’ve had this happen more times than I can count. In the past, suddenly running out of milk like that meant toast or oatmeal for breakfast instead. But thanks to Milk Unleashed, I don’t have to worry about running out of milk again!

Tetra Pak and various milk companies have teamed up to create ultra pasteurized, shelf safe milk that can be stored without refrigeration for months!

Available in both one-litre boxes and individual 200ml serving sizes, it’s an easier way to make sure that there’s always milk in the house! I received a review package of Milk Unleashed products and I was looking forward to seeing what the boys thought of this new type of milk!

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Zackary liked the individual milk boxes that included a fun extendable straw and he gulped one down without even waiting for it to chill.

Of course, he especially loved the chocolate variety, but he enjoyed the regular white milk as well and I appreciated the fact that I could safely send Zackary milk in his lunch without having to worry about refrigeration for it. It was such an easy way to make sure that my son got more calcium and less sugar in his lunch!

Benjamin, on the other hand, didn’t care for the Milk Unleashed white milk at all. It did have a slightly different taste than the regular milk and I think it was more just the difference between the two that he found unpalatable.

He did happily drink the chocolate milk and told me that it was delicious, so I have high hopes that he’ll adjust to the taste of the regular white milk as well after trying it a few more times!

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I absolutely love having Milk Unleashed boxes in the pantry and just this morning I used a box for the boys’ cereal as we’d finished the regular milk in our tea the night before.

Having milk always on hand is so convenient and I especially love the little individual boxes that let me always have a healthy drink on hand for my boys. Check out Milk Unleashed for yourself and see how easy it is to get your kids drinking more milk anytime and anywhere!

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110 thoughts on “Get Your Kids Drinking More Milk with Milk Unleashed Shelf Safe Milk”

  1. Okay I will admit I was a little skeptical at first glance but after reading the website I have learned the differences between how they heat the milk in order to ultra pasteurize it to make it shelf stable. Very neat and forward moving. 6 months of shelf life is crazy good!

  2. There’s a form on their site to give to the manager of your store to request shelf-safe milk, if the store doesn’t carry it already!

  3. WOW! I had no idea there was such a thing? I learned from the website shelf safe milk can last up to 6 months on the shelf & 7-10 days after opening , if refrigerated. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Wow, sounds like a great product and learned the following.
    Shelf safe milk is Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened, thanks to ultra pasteurization and special Tetra Pak cartons that preserve all the wholesome goodness of milk. Now kids can get the vitamins and nutrients of milk anytime, anywhere

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