Three Easy Bike Safety Tips to Get Your Family Ready to Ride

There is nothing my boys and I love more than riding bikes together. Zackary learned to ride a two-wheel bicycle in the spring of last year and we spent every nice day after that out on the road with the two of us on our bicycles and Benjamin in the bike trailer behind me. Now that Saskatchewan is finally starting to warm up, it’s time to start getting ready for another season of biking!

Master Lock asked me to create a video about bike safety this month and I was eager to get started. Even though there was still snow on the ground at the time, I was only too happy to share my thoughts in preparation for warmer days. Take a look at my top three bike safety tips for the coming season!

Biking is great exercise, tons of fun and something that the whole family can enjoy together, which is why it’s one of our favourite warm-weather activities. So get ready for summer by doing a little maintenance, making sure your bike locks are out and ready and grabbing those helmets! Then head out for an adventure with your children!

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