Three Easy Food Substitutions for Healthier Family Eating

While New Year’s Resolutions may be popular with many, in my opinion there’s no better time than spring to make healthy changes to your family’s lifestyle.

Kids are getting more exercise, fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance and an increase in sunshine has most people feeling positive and motivated. Getting healthy has never been easier!

But there’s no need to try to overhaul your family’s entire lifestyle all at once.

Many times making small, sustainable changes to your family’s diet can have big results over time and are far easier to keep up long-term.

Here are three easy dietary substitutions you can make that will have your family eating and feeling better:

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Whole-Wheat Bread instead of White

If you’re still sending your kids off to school with a white bread sandwich every day, resolve to stop buying white bread once and for all and try whole-wheat bread or another type of whole-grain bread instead.

You’ll be ensuring your kids get extra fibre and essential nutrients along with energy-providing complex carbohydrates.

If your kids complain about the switch, try whole-wheat wraps or hamburger buns to keep lunches interesting.

Water instead of Soda or Juice

Most people know that sugary, carbonated beverages aren’t very healthy but in reality, 100% fruit juice isn’t a whole lot better.

In fact, 100% apple juice can contain up to 10 tsp. of sugar per serving, the same amount as in an equal amount of cola!

But the real danger of sugar-filled beverages such as soda and juice is that we don’t feel as full after consuming liquid calories.

Numerous studies have found that consuming liquid calories leaves humans feeling less satisfied than consuming an equal amount of solid calories.

Start your kids off with healthy habits by making water the beverage of choice in your household. Choosing sparkling water or adding a wedge of lemon can go a long way towards making the beverage appealing to your child.

Baked Instead of Fried

Everyone loves the crispy and delicious flavour of fried food, but the amount of fat and calories the popular cooking process adds to meals can wreak havoc on your family’s health.

That doesn’t mean you need to give up French fries, Southern fried chicken or other family favourites though!

There are tons of recipes available online and in cookbooks of healthier baked versions of your favourite fried foods that will let your family indulge without the added fat.

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As you’re making healthy changes, don’t forget to ensure that your kids have all the essential nutrients they need with a great vitamin like IronKids Gummies Vitamins.

They’re a great way to make sure that even on a busy day when your child might not eat right, they’re still getting important vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, Calcium and Omega-3.

What’s your favourite healthy eating tip?
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16 thoughts on “Three Easy Food Substitutions for Healthier Family Eating”

  1. Great tips!! I follow all of these actually, thanks to my own mom raising us healthy. I’ve always used whole wheat bread, my kids have a love for milk and water (just like me) and don’t drink soda…they’re too young anyways at 3 & 5 years old, and have never asked for it. They rarely have juices. And they always take a vitamin every day :) I always bake food, and another tip….always check trans fat on labels!!! Although I keep an eye on sodium, cholesterol and saturated….trans fat is the No-No and should be avoided if possible :)

    1. My mom raising us healthy made a big difference for me too, Brandi! And that is a fabulous tip! I avoid trans fat too and it’s the one thing that will pretty much immediately turn me off a food. Everything else in moderation I usually don’t mind but trans fat is my big no-no too!

  2. Hooray for me – we use all these tips at home! My husband is a Pepsi nut thought so he often has it in the house and I do admit to sneaking a sip or two sometimes. Those gummies are delicious and make eating vitamins easy!

    1. Tee hee! I refuse to let soda into the house because I know we’ll just end up guzzling it all back if I do, but I know what you mean! My sister is a nurse and dead-set against soda but her husband is completely addicted! It means the kids get the occasional sip once in a while despite her best efforts. Lol

  3. I switched to whole wheat bread 2 years ago, and now am not fond of white bread. I find it tastes starchy and leaves a weird taste in my mouth. I have also been a huge water drinker, and my kids didn’t get juice until they were almost 2. Even then, I cut the cut with 3/4 water

    1. We were raised on whole-wheat and whole-grain bread and I know exactly what you mean, Ashley. White bread just doesn’t taste that great in comparison! Water is the best, isn’t it? Yay water!

    1. Lol! I’m sure you could teach me TONS about healthy eating, Erica! :) I’m so glad so many parents are embracing the water trend for their kids now!

  4. My son will not not not take vitamins unless they are gummies by Iron Kids. He absolutely loves these. He has SPD and so is extremely picky with tastes and food combinations. Iron gummies help him grow and keep him moving.

    1. That is so awesome that IronKids work for your son, Jody! We tried other brands before learning about IronKids but these are the only vitamins that my boys actually get excited about having. Sure makes it easier to be sure they’re getting the nutrients they need!

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