Way Better Snacks Sprouted Chips Provide Whole Grain, Fibre and Nutrients-Giveaway

For the most part, I eat pretty healthy. I cook meals at home, favour whole grains and love simple, natural food like real butter and homegrown vegetables. But I still like to enjoy a tasty snack every now and again and tortilla chips are one of my all-time favourite indulgences. They may not be the healthiest snack, but they’re just so delicious!

way better snacks multi-grainNow, Way Better Snacks has taken tortilla chips to a new, healthier level with its line of sprouted chips in six delicious varieties: Simply Sweeet Potato, Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply So Sweet Chili, Simply Unbeatable Blues, Simply Beyond Black Bean and No Salt Naked Blues. Recently I received one bag of each of the six flavours of Way Better Snack chips and I could hardly decide which one I wanted to try first.

The first thing I noticed about the chips was the ingredient list. With simple, wholesome ingredients including stone-ground corn, flax seed, brown rice and sea salt, I loved the fact that there was no ingredient in these chips I didn’t recognize. But while natural ingredients are something I love, it is the sprouting process that really makes Way Better Snacks chips so special.

Sprouting seeds provides a number of benefits including increased vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and digestibility. And by using the sprouted seeds of broccoli and daikon radish, the chips also provide the natural antioxidant sulphoraphane glucosinolate. And as if that wasn’t fabulous enough, every serving of these chips contains at least 17g of whole grains!

I decided to try the Simply Sunny Multi-Grain chips first and they were absolutely delicious. I tend to favour multigrain products in general; the extra flavour and crunch a wide variety of grains can provide is just irresistible to me. The blend of flax, chia, quinoa, broccoli and daikon radish seeds gave me plenty of that and with a bowl of fresh salsa, I was in heaven.

The boys enjoyed the chips as well and I liked knowing that they were getting extra fibre while avoiding artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. While they didn’t love the plain salted chips as much as I did, they absolutely gobbled down the Simply So Sweet Chili chips and enjoyed the Simply Sweeet Potato chips almost as much.

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Way Better Snacks wants to help you snack better too, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing twelve bags of their delicious chips (two bags of each flavour), a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety of Way Better Snacks chips you’re most looking forward to trying.

While I can’t resist a snack every once in a while, I still try to make sure that I’m eating healthy whenever possible and Way Better Snacks sprouted chips are a great compromise that let me indulge a little while still getting some great nutritional benefits. Try them for yourself and see how delicious and healthy chips can be!
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  1. Laureen Stilling

    My first choice would be the Simply So Sweet Chili. I love anything “chili” infused and tend to use a lot of dried ground chili, chipotle and “anything” peppers!!!

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